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Trump Terrorists Target American Democracy

America is in shock to see a violent Republican mob terrorizing the nation, disrupting the congressional proceedings to certify the country's election. The losing President Trump was behind the rally whose supporters had threatened violence earlier if Congress rejected their demands to overturn the election. The violent Republicans comprising of Christian evangelists and white supremacists attacked people's representatives. America's political leaders condemned domestic terrorists.

Before we can identify those domestic terrorists, let us look at the pretentious statements expressing shock at the terror. During the last 70 years, America suppressed democratic movements worldwide, removed democratically elected governments, promoted violence, and even plotted to kill foreign government leaders. We facilitated a culture of violence as long as it is outside our shores. We taught our citizens that to serve our national interests, we can go to any length and destroy anyone.

On January 6, a group of people claiming to be patriots stormed Congress reflecting the philosophy our successive administrations have taught the nation during the last 70 years.

Why there is shock? We are promoting violence and disorder to serve interest. When a US president played it in his own country, instigated his party members to destroy the other responsible for their defeat, why should they express grief and surprise?

America has to stop this double standard if it wants to survive as a democratic country. Unless America stands for the interests of others, its own will never be safe.

Domestic terrorists in America are well known. They include white supremacists, Christian evangelists, extreme zionists, and Hindutva nationalists. All these four racially and ideologically motivate groups want to exploit America, and its might to serve its interests.

White supremacists want to divide the country based on color and promote a culture that treats non-white less than humans. Extreme Zionists aim to use America's power and image to benefit the apartheid policies of the Zionist state of Israel. Christian evangelists are keen to destroy the human rights of all those who are not like them and who do not see the Bible as the word of God. Hindutva Zealots want to use America's resources to strengthen an organization responsible for Gandhi's assassination and a hateful ideology that does not view non-upper-caste Hindus as humans.

All these four ideologies were present in person or in spirit in the group that invaded Congress. Sheer shock and condemnation would not eliminate the dangers of violent and hateful ideologies in destroying the democratic fabric.

Are we ready for that? When those who believe in the equality of all humans and all nations' interests and dignity come together to challenge hate, America can win. The first step towards that is the identification of terrorists invading Congress and their prosecution as traitors.

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