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Meet Dr. Abdullah

Resident Islamic Scholar, Khateeb, former Imam, Guest Lecturer

Dr. Abdullah received a Doctorate in Communications from the University Of London, England in 1987. Aslam Abdullah is the Editor-in-Chief of Muslim Media Network Inc. that publishes the Muslim Observer. He has served as Director of the Islamic Society of Nevada and Masjid Ibrahim, Las Vegas. Dr. Abdullah has also been the Editor-in-Chief of the Minaret Magazine since 1989. He was an associate editor of The Arabia in the 1980's. He also served as vice chairman of Muslim Public Affairs Council.

He is the current Vice President of the American Muslim Council. He is involved in interfaith dialogue and has represented Muslims in several interfaith conferences. He has published several books and more than 600 articles and papers in magazines all over the world. He is based on Southern California and has appeared on several TV and Radio shows

Breaking Barriers and Uniting Hearts

Dr. Aslam Abdullah

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