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11-Day War: Who won and who lost?

With 250 dead bodies and $100 million destruction in Gaza, the Lords of the War have temporarily reiterated to prepare for the next round of aggression.

Who won and who lost?

The Jewish state claims it taught Hamas a bitter lesson, and Hamas says it won. The reality is that humanity was the main loser. A world comprising ideologies and religions claiming to promote peace failed to check the aggression and prevent terror.

The root cause of the continued upheaval in Palestine is the displacement of the Palestinian people by invaders and aggressors whose only justification is the imaginary and concocted Biblical assertion that God, in his capacity as a real estate agent, gave the Palestinian land to the family of Isac. The majority of the world rejects this Biblical assertion but finds itself indecisive about exposing the lie and taking an issue with the Christian right and Jewish zealots promoting it at the cost of human lives and destruction.

Despite believing that Palestinians are the victims of injustice and terror for almost a hundred years, the world cannot stand up to the aggression. The Jewish state has thrived and survived based on the support it has got from Christian leaders of the United States and the West regardless of their political affiliations. Since its creation, the apartheid state of Israel has got more aid from America than the US citizens of color. The continued US military aid has encouraged the Israeli invaders and aggressors to play havoc with the lives of the Palestinians.

The Jews invaders from different parts of the world moving to Israel with the money raised mainly by America's Christian evangelists believe that the Palestinians have no rights to the land. With the deceitful claim of owning the property under the blessings of Biblical God, they invade freely and frequently under the protection of the apartheid state the Palestinian homes to evict and occupy. Israel presents any resistance to aggression as an act of terror and bombs the Palestinians indiscriminately with the help of the firearms given in the name of aid by US taxpayers. It's a pattern that the apartheid state with the tacit approval of Christian and Jewish leaders had established since 1948 when the world imposed the Biblical version of the ownership of Palestine upon the earth.

The five countries of the world in the UN, through their veto powers, have justified the invasion and occupation. The general assembly representing 80 percent the world population finds itself coerced by the most powerful countries to accept the illegitimacy of the apartheid state.

The 11-day war imposed by the apartheid state left the world in misery and loss. Like the previous wars, the world could not hold the Jewish state accountable for its continued destruction of the holy land.

However, unlike the previous wars, this one brought younger people everywhere on the streets calling Israel an aggressor. It may prove to be the turning point in the Middle East. The path to challenge the apartheid and racist structure of Israel goes through Washington and European capitals. The loudness of the support for the Palestinians in these places will expose the manipulation of Israel.

Through their brave resistance, Palestinians in Gaza awakened the sleeping consciousness of the youth worldwide, except many of those in India, Israel, and the US belonging to Christian evangelical and Zionist groups. The indians' case is worth noticing. India's Hindutva youth base their support to Israel on their anti-Islam and anti-Muslim rhetoric. Ironically, they do not realize that Palestine is as much Christian as it is Muslim.

The war has temporarily prevented the invaders from evicting Palestinian homes from Shaikh Jarrah. It has given the Palestinian diaspora new impetus to intensify their struggle for a free Palestine. It has also activated the youth to empathize with the sufferings of the People in the occupied land.

On the other hand, it has exposed the ugly face of Zionism. Americans have now begun to question supporting a state that promotes mass murders and blames the victims.

America has justified Israeli aggression under the pretext of self-defense. Americans now question the validity of this argument. Israel is an occupier, invader, and aggressor. No international or moral law permits an invader the right to self-defense. The moment the US Administration realize this truth, the structure of apartheid would crumble in the Jewish state.

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