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A Fascist Removed from Canadian School Board

In his profile, Ravi Hooda describes himself as a philanthropist working to gather inputs from parents of students in Beryl Ford Public School and provide feedback and support to the school to create a healthy, positive learning environment for students and educators. He also claims that he

helps the little nursery of the little ones to help grow into the future leaders of tomorrow and good humans.

But, when he heard the call to prayer broadcast publicly in Brampton, he could not hide his inner self. He burst out loud in public and, through a tweet, revealed what he had believed all through his life. The tweet read: "What next, separate lanes for camel and goat riders, Allowing slaughter of animals at home in the name of sacrifice. By law allowing all women to cover from head to toe in tents to appease the piece fools for votes."

It was not a slip of tweet. It was the upbringing and the education, he got in India from the Hindu fascist organization run schools that instigated him to spit venom against Muslims and Islam. It was a feeling that was part of his personality, and it came out with full vulgarity in a county that believes in pluralistic values and respects all religious traditions, including that of Hooda.

What the local authorities did was expected. They removed the hate monger from his position. They made it known to other hate mongers that the Hindu fascists would not determine the Canadian way of life, and no would have the permission to challenge the pluralistic values of the country.

By profession, Hooda is a realtor and real estate agent at RE/MAX Gold Realty Inc. He is an MBA from New Delhi Management Institute. He is also a registered certified immigration practitioner and managing director for Setu Immigration Services Inc.

Who knows how many fascists he might have helped to migrate to Canada to sow the seeds of hatred and discord? Who knows how many people he might have discriminated as a realtor and as Beryl Ford School chair?

Hooda is not alone as a Hindu hate monger. Millions in the USA and Canada subscribe to the ideology of hatred they learned from the Hindu fascist groups such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the RSS, the Bajrang Dal. They advocate Hindu supremacy and describe Christianity and Islam as evil religions.

They have infiltrated public institutions to promote the RSS agenda of Hindu supremacy. They send monetary resources to fascist outfits in India and slowly poison the minds of local people against Muslims and Islam.

They pose a threat to the national security of these countries. Through their presence in the IT field, they are capable of stealing sensitive data and pass it on to the fascist groups in India.

The authorities must identify such people and prevent them from occupying sensitive positions in government. Their intentions are well known. They are out to disturb the harmony and peace that exist among different communities in the land they came as immigrants.

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