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A guide to genocide of Indian Muslims: Unanswered Questions!

With the backing of RSS-trained leaders of India, Hindu religious leaders have outlined two specific roles for Hindu upper castes.

1. To take up arms to kill Muslims.

2. To reconvert Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh to Hinduism.

They have not yet identified the sequence, method, or timing of killings. Also, they have not yet given details of the numbers and categories of people they intend to kill. Millions of Muslims of Indian origin live worldwide, and many have renounced Indian citizenship. It is unclear whether such persons of Indian origin are part of the grand killing or conversion plan. Seemingly, the RSS and the BJP led government of India are preparing a detailed manual to organize the details and release a step-by-step guide to achieve the two goals.

What was made clear by Hindu religious leaders is that Hindus should not use a sword to kill Muslims. Blades are ineffective because Muslims have better weapons, one of the leaders warned. But, unfortunately, he did not specify what the alternatives were. Perhaps, he believes that the Violent white supremacists or Zionist extremists whose expertise in modern weaponry is beyond any doubt might provide practical guidance in this matter. The Hindu spiritual leaders' contacts in America, Europe, and Israel could come in handy for this purpose.

Even though the leaders did not specify the timing of the killing, but one can assume that they might do it during their festival of Dewali or the festival of lights to celebrate the victory of the deity Ram over Ravana. They might find some opposition from several upper-caste Hindus in the South who reject the narrative of Ramayana. But one hopes that Hindu religious leaders would have annihilated such elements before targeting Muslims.

Will they organize killing in Muslim homes or big stadiums? It's a big question. Hopefully, the government will issue instructions and set up big slaughterhouses, giving licenses to killers if needed.

The NRI Muslims may pose a religious problem for the Hindu killers. Many are citizens of their newly adopted countries. What would happen to them if they were present in India during the killing season? And how the killing priests would decide the fate of their non-Indian-born spouses or children?

The disposal of dead bodies would be a monumental task. The priests have to procure woods to burn over 150 million killed carcasses. India's current wood production would not be sufficient. Moreover, environment-conscious Hindu leaders would not allow deforestation. Through its workers worldwide, the RSS might import the cremation machinery. The body of an untouchable does not necessarily need sacred wood.

However, the great dilemma before Hindu priests is how to deal with Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Will the Hindu faithful kill the Muslim citizens of the two countries or convert them first. There is a considerable debate among Hindu religious scholars about it. The forthcoming Dharam Sansads may clarify this confusion among pious Hindus. But, on the other hand, the upper-caste intellectuals are studying Chandargupt's reign intensely as Hindu zealots killed millions of Jains and Buddhists for renouncing Hinduism and destroying their places of worship.

The Hindu high priests assume that not only their 350 million deities would stand for them, but Muslims would also offer them like sheep without resisting their slaughter. After all, they believe that this would be easy for them to qualify for Jannah (heavens) than fighting back the terrorists. But Muslims face division among their religious ranks over the method of being killed. Some suggest that death is inevitable, so there is no point in resistance. Others feel that the community should confront the killed. But their critics say that if Muslims indulge in defending them, others may call them terrorists. Such a term would damage their community characteristics.

Some intellectuals advise not to indulge in this discussion. They say that if those murdered belong to different sects or schools of thought of Islam, it is good riddance.

Some high Muslim intellectuals believe that Islam will not disappear by the destruction of Muslims in India. Therefore, let them die because it might be the will of Allah and who are we to intervene in His will.

Note: This is a sarcastic and satirical piece.

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Dec 29, 2021

President Bush administration continued Visa ban on Narendra Modi for his anti-Muslim racist and fascist policies including the Gujarat Riots of the year 2002 in which more than 2000 Muslims were mercilessly killed by the Modi's Hindu goons in presence of the police force and judiciary who did not allow Muslims to get justice till to date. But moment Modi became the PM of INDIA using extreme Hindutva agendas; President Obama lifted the Visa Ban and welcome him in America. Also America and the West did blunder in making him larger than what he is on the international platform. Now this Con Artist; like our last President is nakedly killing humanity and morality of poor non-Hindu minorities of India including…

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