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Aggressive Hindutva Fascists eye TX-22 House Seat

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

(The picture shows Hindutva supporters, Sunil T, from left, Vijay Pallod, Jugal Malani, Anand Bhattad on drums, Ramesh Prasad, and Ramesh Bhutada celebrating the victory of Hindutva fascist BJP of India's Narendra Modi in Houston. Pallod is the backer of Kulkarni and an advisor to the Indian Muslim Association of Greater Houston.)

Texas District-22 is one of the most competitive districts in the country. The Democrats hope to wrest it from the Republicans who have held it for long. The Democratic nominee is Sri Preston Kulkarni, who contested the 2018 election and lost it by 14,000.

The race is drawing national and international interest because of Hindutva groups heavy involvement with the Democratic candidate. Kulkarni's financial records suggest that these groups have contributed $1.9 million to his campaign that has raised over $2.4 million this election cycle. These individuals and local groups identify with India's Hindu fascist groups such as the RSS, the VHP, the Bajrang Dal and the BJP.

Ironically, the Hindutva groups on the instruction of Prime Minister of India, Modi, support President Trump in his reelection bid while supporting Sri in TX-22 and many other districts where Hindutva inclined Democratic individual contesting the elections.

Ironically, a few Muslim individuals and a Muslim organization that identifies itself with Muslim-Americans of Indian origin, the Indian Muslim Association of Greater Houston support Kulkarni and his Hindutva supporters. IMAGH was one of those few Muslim groups that welcomed Modi in the Howdy Modi event in Houston and donated $100,000. The organization describes itself Muslim, yet its board of advisors include many open supporters of Modi and the Hindutva fascist organization, the RSS. Its advisors' committee consists of the following: Chairman Abeezer Tayibji, Vijay Pallod, Neeta Sane, Raj Bhavsar, Ken Mathews, Gordon Quan, and Jawahar Malhotra.

Vijay Pallod is an ardent supporter and follower of Modi, once banned in the US for his alleged role in the Gujarat genocide of Muslims in 2002 when he was its chief minister.

The other groups include a national Muslim Pac Emgage that endorsed Sri in 2018. Many of Emgage supporters are with Kulkarni and have held several fundraising events.

In the last election, the district counted about 300,000 votes. Muslims have 15 percent votes in this white Republican district. Their voices will impact the outcome. For these reasons, Sri and his RSS backers are wooing Muslim voters by visiting their mosques, meeting with their leaders, and using personal influence to organize fundraisers.

But they also have a long term goal. With an increase in the Texas population, the state would add a few congressional seats. The areas currently in Congressional district-22 might make a new district with heavy Asian population concentration. Sri's victory in this election would ensure that he retains the newly formed. Asian-dominated district for a long time.

The RSS is a Hindutva fascist organization involved in several violent and terror-related incidents in India. Many of its members have participated in the Hindutva ritual of lynching and killing Muslims, Dalits and Christians. The organization hails Hitler as their heroes and wants to pursue a holocaust like India's policy to deal with its minority population. The rise of its ideology in the United States may lead to terror and violence against non-Hindus, say many experts.

RSS operates in the USA through its proxies and organizations, who act on the RSS's advice and India's ruling party, the BJP. The District-22 offers an example of foreign interference in the US election. Kulkarni's victory would ensure a permanent seat for RSS ideology in the US House, a possibility that would make Dalits, Christians, Sikhs, and Muslims not only nervous but upset.

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