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Battleground congressional districts-2

Every week this column focuses on four battleground districts. Last week featured districts AZ-06CA-21, FL-26, and TX-21. A separate article was about TX-22. This week the focus is on IA-01, IA-02, IA-03, and IN-o5.


Iowa's 1st Congressional District covers the northeastern part of the state. It includes Worth, Mitchell, Howard, Winneshiek, Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette, Bremer, Black Hawk, Buchanan, Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson, Jones, Linn, Benton, Iowa, Poweshiek, Marshall, and Tama counties. Its population is 763,903. 49.5% are Male, and 50.5% Female.

92.1% are White, 3.2% Black, 1.1% Asian and 3.2% Hispanic

The High school graduation rate is 91.1%, and the College graduation rate is 24.9%.

Abby Finkenauer (Incumbent) (Democratic Party), and Ashley Hinson (Republican Party) are in contest. The Democrats got 170,342 votes, and her Republican opponent, a sitting representative Rod Blum got 153, 442 votes. The victory margin was narrow. The Democrats are relying on a massive turn of Black, Hispanic, and Asian voters. Muslim voters are about 3,000, and if the race gets closer, their vote may become crucial.


In IA-02, Rita Hart (D) and Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R) are contesting the election. The Incumbent Dave Loebsack (D), first elected in 2006, would not seek re-election.

Iowa's 2nd district covers most of its southeastern part, and it includes Davenport, Iowa City, Muscatine, Clinton, Burlington, Ottumwa, Fort Madison, Oskaloosa, Bettendorf, Newton, and Pella. Its population is 783,983. 85% white; 6% Hispanic; 4% Black; 2% Asian. Muslims are in good numbers to impact the outcome. In the last election, the Democrats secured 171,446 votes while the Republicans 133, 287 votes.


Iowa's 3rd congressional district includes Des Moines to the borders with Nebraska and Missouri. Its population (2018 est.) is 843,598. 83% white; 7% Hispanic; 4% Black; 3% Asian; 2% other.

Incumbent Cindy Axne, David Young, and Bryan Holder are running in the general election. In 2018, Cindy Axne (D) got 175,642, and David Young (R) got 167,933. The race is close, and Muslim voters may play a significant role. They participated in large numbers in the caucus and are active in the electoral process. Somali Muslims make a large segment of the Muslim population.


Indiana's 5th Congressional District takes in portions of central Indiana, including Grant, Madison, Tipton and Hamilton counties, and Blackford, Marion, Boone, and Howard counties. Its population is 731,702. 48.7% are Male, and 51.3% Female. 84.9% White, 7.8% Black, 2.7% Asian and 4.6% Hispanic

General election candidates are Christina Hale (Democratic Party),, Victoria Spartz (Republican Party), Ken Tucker (Libertarian Party), Vernon Moore (Independent) and Ellen Kizik (Independent) (Write-in)

In 2018 now non-contesting Susan Brooks (R) got 180,035 votes while(rs, but combined with Black, Asian and Hispanic voters, they are instrumental in giving this seat to Democrats.

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