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Battleground Congressional Districts-4

The focus is on NJ-02, NJ-03, NY-02, NY-11 congressional districts in this week's column.


New Jersey's 2nd Congressional District is in the southern portion of the state. It includes Salem, Cumberland, Cape May and Atlantic counties and parts of Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, and Ocean counties.[2]

The current representative of the 2nd Congressional District is Jeff Van Drew (R). Its population is 736,397, with 49.1% Male, 50.9% Female. 74.2% are White, 13.8% Black, 3.6% Asian, and 15% Hispanic. The High school graduation rate is 84.9%, and the College graduation rate is 23.6%

In November, 2020, Jeff Van Drew (Incumbent) (Republican Party), Amy Kennedy (Democratic Party), Jenna Harvey (Justice Mercy Humility Party), and Jesse Ehrnstrom (Libertarian Party) will context the election

Jeff Van Drew received 52.9% or 136,685 votes, while Seth Grossman (R)

got 45.2% or 116,866. Muslims are in substantial numbers in this District. If they vote in full strength, the incumbent may find himself in trouble. But Muslim and Hispanic votes are not well organized.


The incumbent, Andrew Kim (D), is running for re-election. He won in 2018 after challenging and defeating incumbent Tom MacArthur (R), receiving 50 percent of the vote to MacArthur's 49 percent. Kim was unopposed in the 2020 Democratic primary.

New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District is in the south-central portion of the state and includes most Burlington County and Ocean County portions. The District is 95.73% urban and 4.27% rural. Its population is 742,905, with 76.1% white, 11.3% black, 8.9% Hispanic, 3.6% Asian, and 0.1% Native American

The candidate for November 2020 election are Andrew Kim (Incumbent) (Democratic Party), David Richter (Republican Party), Martin Weber (For the People Party) and Robert Shapiro (Independent Constitution Party)

In 2018, Andrew Kim (D) secured 50.0 % or 153,473 votes, and Tom MacArthur (R), 48.7% or 149,500

The contest is very close as the (Constitution Party) candidate secured 3,902 votes, a margin that helped Kim to win. Muslim votes constitute a significant number, and if 60 percent of their votes favor either candidate, the victory would be his.


New York's 2nd Congressional District includes southwestern Suffolk County and a small portion of southeastern Nassau County. Peter T. King, infamous Islamophobe, represented the District since 2013. King is not running for re-election in 2020. Its population is 724,053, with 48.5% Male, and 51.5% Female. 74.9% are White, 10% Black, 3.1% Asian, and 22.6% Hispanic. The High school graduation rate is 87.2%, and the College graduation rate is 26.7%

Jackie Gordon (Democratic Party, Working Families Party, Independence Party), Andrew Garbarino (Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Conservative Party, Serve America Movement Party), and Harry Burger (Green Party) are contesting the election.

In the last election, Peter King (R) received 53.1% or 128,078 votes, and Liuba Grechen Shirley (D) got 46.9 or 113,074. Muslim ballots are likely to make a difference in this District, provided they vote in large numbers.


New York's 11th Congressional District is in the state's southeastern portion and includes parts of Kings County and Richmond County. Its

population is 724,434 with 48.4% Male, 51.6% Female. 73.3% are White, 8.2% Black, 12.8% Asian, and 16.1% Hispanic. The High school graduation rate is 84.7%, and the College graduation rate is 30.3%

In 2020, Max Rose (Incumbent) (Democratic Party, Independence Party) and Nicole Malliotakis (Republican Party, Conservative Party) are the contestants.

Max Rose (D) got 53.0% or 101,823 votes, and Daniel Donovan (R)

got 46.6% got 89,441 votes. An organized campaign to bring Muslim, black and Hispanic votes out may reelect Max Rose.

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