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Did India's Intelligence Agency, RAW, Declare War on Khalistan Supporters

Sikhs are the new anti-national community in the eyes of RSS and Sanatan Dharm followers in India. The Indian intelligence, RAW, has identified pro-Khalistan Sikh targets worldwide. Immediately after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Treaudu's statement in the parliament implicating India in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Khalistan activist, the Modi government of India acted in panic. It embarked on a course that could easily erase the gains it achieved after the conclusion of the G-20. India's RSS-indoctrinated External Affairs Ministry denied the allegation, condemned Canada, and decided to expel a Canadian diplomat in retaliation.

Its social media reportedly circulated false reports that the Canadian Prime Minister's flight back to his country from India got delayed because customs agents found a massive cache of narcotic drugs.

Its journalists released a list of pro-Khalistan activists in Canada, implying that they are on the hit list of RAW. India's intelligence agency, RAW, reportedly published the name in newspapers as an open challenge to Sikh activists. It includes the following:

1. Arshdeep Singh Dala of Khalistan Tiger Force. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

2. Satinderjit Singh Brar aka Goldy Brar. Canada with a valid Indian passport till 2026.

3. Snover Dhillion. Ontario.

4. Ramandeep Singh aka Raman Judge. BC, Canada.

5. Gurjit Singh Cheema of Khalistan Liberation Front. Toronto.

6. Gurjinder Singh Pannu. Toronto.

7. Gurpreet Singh of KLF. Surrey, Canada.

8. Tehal Singh of ISYF. Toronto.

9. Malkeet Singh Fauji of ISYF. Surrey. Canada.

10. Manvir Singh Duhra of ISYF. Stays in BC, Canada

11.Parvkar Singh Dulai aka Pary Dulai of ISYF. Surrey, Canada.

12.Moninder Singh Bijal of KTF. Vancouver, Canada.

13.Bhagat Singh Brar akak Bhaggu Brar of ISYF. Toronto.

14.Satinder Pal Singhh Gill of ISYF. Vancouver, Canada.

15.Sulinder Singh Virk. Brampton, Canada.

16.Manveer Singh of KLF. Toronto, Canada.

17.Lakhbir Singh aka Landa. Canada.

18.Sukhdul Singh aka Sukh Duneke. Ontario.

19.Harpreet Singh. Brampton, Canada.

20.Sundeep Singh, aka Suny, aka Tiger. BC, Canada.

21.Mandeep Singh Dhaliwal of KTF. Surrey, Canada.

These are the names of Sikh activists in Canada. Similar lists of pro-Khalistan Sikhs in Australia, Europe, and the U.S. are circulating among Indians sympathetic to RSS and BJP religious ideology. Many Indian intelligence agents think that the Western governments would not cooperate with India in expelling Sikhs seeking Khalistan. They believe the movement for a separate Sikh state would lose momentum once the targeted individuals escape. The RAW has reportedly sought the Israeli intelligence agencies' expertise in eliminating pro-Khalistan Sikhs.

The open war between Khalistan supporters and the RAW has made the worldwide Sikh community an object of suspicion in the eyes of pro-Modi Indians. Even in the Indian military, pro-RSS officials are cautious in dealing with Sikhs.

Sikhs are in significant numbers in 25 countries of the world. They believe in serving humanity and stand for equality, justice, and liberty. They suffered ethnic cleansing in 1984 when their holiest shrine came under attack by the Indian army after thousands of them got killed by Santan Dharm followers.

About 550 years ago, Guru Nanak was born in Talvandi, renamed Nankana Sahib in modern-day Pakistan. He established a new religious tradition known in the Punjabi language as Sikhi or Sikhism), and spent his life sharing his message of love, oneness, service, and spirituality.

He also composed his devotional poetry that serves as the foundation of the Sikh scriptural text. He established community centers for gathering, learning, and worship. There were ten gurus, the last of whom, Guru Gobind Singh, died in 1708. After him, the authority of the Sikh community passed to two entities for eternity: the assembly of initiated Sikhs (Guru Khalsa Panth) and the scripture (Guru Granth Sahib). Under the leadership of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, a widely respected ruler committed to fairness and justice. Punjab was the last region to be annexed by the British, and Sikhs began migrating to various Commonwealth nations during the colonial period. They have five articles of faith — kesh (unshorn hair), kanga (small comb), kara (steel bracelet), kirpan (religious piece resembling a knife), and kachera (soldier-shorts) — and distinguish someone who has formally committed to the values of the faith by accepting initiation.

They are present in every continent, with significant populations in the following countries.

  1. India 23,786,000

  2. Canada 771,790

  3. United Kingdom 524,000

  4. United States ~269,986

  5. Australia 210,397

  6. Italy 210,000

  7. Malaysia 100,000

  8. Thailand 70,000

  9. United Arab Emirates 52,000

  10. Philippines 50,000

  11. New Zealand 40,908

  12. Oman 35,540

  13. Portugal 35,000

  14. France 30,000

  15. Spain 26,000

  16. Germany 25,000

  17. Greece 20,000

  18. Netherlands 15,000

  19. Kuwait 15,000

  20. Hong Kong 15,000

  21. Cyprus 13,280

  22. Singapore 12,051

  23. Indonesia 10,000

  24. Belgium 10,000

  25. Austria 10,000

Canada and the U.K. have several neighborhoods with Sikhs as the Largest Group

Newton - Surrey British Colombia, Canada 51.5%

Blakenhall - Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England 40.7%

Brampton East - Peel, Ontario, Canada 40.4%

Southall Green - Ealing, London, England 36.8%

Heston West - Hounslow, London, England 31.8%

Lady Margaret - Ealing London, England 28.2%

Pinkwell - Hillingdon, London, England 26.5%

Norwood Green - Ealing London, England 26.2%

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