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Dirty Tricks Sri's supporters play in TX-22.

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The world's so-called wise people justify everything in love and war. Electoral politics is a mixture of love and war. In TX-22 Congressional District, the Hijab-wearing and the beard-donning Muslim leaders associated with a Quran loving and the Prophet following organization, Emgage uses every possible dirty trick to get the Hindutva supporter backed candidate, Sri Kulkarni. They worship their candidate and fight with fellow Muslims as if it is a war to finish them once for all.

A good number of Muslims oppose HIndutv fascists. Even those who support Sri understand that the Hindutva Americans were responsible for financing their counterparts in India accused of lynching Muslims, destroying mosques, depriving Kashmiris of their rights, and raping Dalit women. But they have made it an ego issue to support Kulkarni. Among them are prominent Emgage leaders refusing to accept their decision not to endorse him

"The Emgage leaders (names withheld upon the request of interviewee) have called Muslims, asking them to vote for Kulkarni ignoring the organization's decision," said several Muslim voters.

Sri's campaign has found a Muslim businessman accused of cheating US taxpayers to finance it and urge his community to do the same. He pleaded guilty and paid over one million dollars to settle the fraud case.

Sri's Muslim supporters are intimidating fellow Muslims as one of them confessed that he got threatening calls from some of them, telling him to lie low in this campaign.

They are distributing emails falsely claiming that prominent Muslim leaders of the area support Kulkarni. One such email said that John Floyd, President of AIR, Houston endorsed Kulkarni. Floyd is a practicing Muslim and a criminal defense attorney. He is married to the family of the physician of Pakistan's founder, Qaed Azam Jinnah, and understands that CAIR is not a PAC, and it cannot endorse any candidate. He also realizes that even in a personal capacity, his endorsement would confuse people. Yet, Kulkarni's Muslim supporters, including several attorneys, are busy spreading false news of blessings. Many voters hope that the criminal justice attorney should sue people who use his name to support a Hindutva backed candidate.

The Hindutva forces do not shy away from owning Kulkarni. In a letter written to the Democratic Party chairman, they asserted that they own him the way they own Tusli Gabbard of Hawaii or Krishnamurthy of Chicago. "We support only those candidates who fully identify with our ideology promoted by the RSS, HSS, Shiv Sena through our Temples," said of the active member of HSS.

TX-22 race has divided the Muslim community and given rise to many accused of fraud and hurting Muslims and the country. If foreign influence in electoral politics is wrong for Trump, it is also bad for Biden or the Democratic party. HSS, VHP, and HAF are proxy organizations backed by the RSS and the ruling BJP in India. They want to use their money to buy Congress. They do not have enough votes regardless of their claims to impact any race. Unfortunately, several Muslims have aligned with them and hurting democracy and national interests. In this process, they are damaging sincere and honest Muslim leaders. Nove 3 is not far to give a fitting reply to such elements.

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