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Emgage Leaders: Deceiving Again!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

A beautiful verse in the Quran, the holy divine scripture of Islam, talks about a group of people who assume they are smarter than others.

"They deceive God and those who have faith-the while they deceive none but themselves, and perceive it not." (2:9)

There is also a statement of Prophet Muhammad that warns the believers to be aware of the violators of divine guidance and never trust them again once their betrayal becomes known.

Emgage leadership displays the character mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet.

Emgage claims that it is registering Muslim citizens as voters to become useful in the electoral process, apparently an applaudable effort. But for what and for whom?

The Quran and the Sunnah emphasize that believers must focus on justice and peace in their individual and collective endeavors. Anything devoid of these two values is not only meaningless but harmful also.

Khurram Whaid, Chair of the National Board of Emgage, published a statement after a researcher published an article exposing his ties with the Pro-Zionist groups. A large number of Muslim scholars, academicians, and activists wrote about Emgage's insincerity and ties with Zionists and demanded to drop it. One prominent voice was that of Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl, Professor of Islamic Law at UCLA. Abou el Fadl is one of the most prominent Muslim scholars in the West and his words speak nothing but facts and truth.

The statement came a few weeks after the article. In the meantime, the organization staff and members first tried to raise questions about the writer, declaring him unreliable and pro-dictator. Having failed in their smearing campaign, they tried to assure the community that they would not repeat the identified mistakes and always listen to Muslims.

The statement proves that they are not serious in what they are saying, and they are still ignoring the voices and repeating the old mistakes.

The letter completely ignores Emgage ties with Hindutva forces in Tex-22 Congressional District. In 2018, the organization endorsed him, and many of its staff and office bearers are still supporting him even though Hindu fascists are behind his campaign.

Here are a few facts.

One of Emgage organizers support two candidates in Houston who have the backing of Hindutva fascists who funded Rashida Tliab's opponent in the primary in Michigan. Brenda Jones campaign's financial records reveal donations from the Bhutadas, spokespeople for the Howdy Modi US-India engagement campaign, and Mihir Meghani, the co-founder of the Hindu Amerian Foundation, a supporter of Hindu fascists in India. These two significant donors are backing Kulkarni and many others in Houston and other states promoting their agenda.

Not only that, but the same Emgage leader omitted the name of God in the oath of allegiance in the Muslim panel of DNC, he was moderating.

Wahid addressed the Palestinians and American Muslims defending his support to pro-Zionist and Hindutva organizations. He claims that his or other Engage members' ties with MLI, ADL, and others were in their capacities as intellectuals or activists.

What a joke. MLI!

Zionists, and ADL, as well as Hindutva forces, approached Emgage leaders because they appeared to be active in the Muslim scene. They invited them to secure support for Israel and create the impression that Zionists were all out for peace. Israel does not ask people to visit the country because they are handsome, dress well, speak articulately or smell good. It invites them to support and give it legitimacy.

In 2019, Emgage got a significant injection of funds from the Open Society Policy Center, one of the funding arms of billionaire George Soros: $75,000 to advocate against Trump’s Muslim ban and $1 million for “organizational support.” Emgage does not reveal its salary structure.

Israel is an illegitimate state built on a stolen land regardless of what it says about itself. It is a reality that no one can whitewash. But these Emgage leaders who claim that they never betray the trust of Muslims visited the stolen land giving legitimacy to the occupation.

When in Israel and their meetings with their leaders, they praised Israel and Zionists. They criticized Palestinians for their continued opposition to occupation. Everything they did and say is on record.

Where were their human conscious and Islamic values when they enjoyed Zionist's hospitality in luxurious hotels built on Palestinians' homes? Where were their concern for justice when they ate sumptuous food prepared on the original inhabitants' bones and blood? None of them had the decency to tell the Zionists that occupation was wrong on their faces. Why, because they who had nothing to do with Palestinians struggle were paving their way for better positions in the US. There is no single statement by any of these so-called trust keepers to convince us that they told the zionist occupiers that their country is barbaric towards the Palestinians.

Whom are they deceiving? Will they return the money to Israeli outfits they spend on them during their visit to Israel. We do not know if they made secret deals with the Zionists to infiltrate Muslims and Palestinians circle to promote the Zionists agenda. We cannot trust them because it took them a lot of public pressure to apologize for their ties with the zionists.

Did not the prophet say that if bitten by the same hole, do not go to it again?

The Emgage leadership has no credibility and relevance now. As part of our commitment to justice and truth, we must disassociate with those who betrayed us and are egocentric and see everything within self-interests.

If they had little public decency, they could have resigned and spent the remaining life repenting for deceiving God and people.

Now they regret having done it, but do not regret their continued backing of Kulkarni. Don't accept the explanation of these hypocrites. They should step down as they are a disgrace to Islam and Muslims and Palestinians. They have no credibility to claim that they represent Islam.

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