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Hindutva forces hurting Biden Campaign from Inside?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Reliable reports suggest that the Hindutva RSS, through its subsidiary organizations, has infiltrated the Biden campaign heavily to hurt it from inside. India's Prime Minister is a backer of President Trump and wants him to have the second term to pursue his party's agenda in India and abroad.

Modi believes that that Trump's reelection would help India occupy Azad Kashmir, win a permanent membership of the U.N. Security Council and turn over 3,000 mosques into Hindu Temples.

Modi, during his appearance in the Howdy Modi event in Houston, had urged Hindus to support President Trump.

Ensuring that Hindus vote Trump, the Hindutva influenced Americans joined the Biden campaign and reached to positions of influence. The strategy of Hindutva groups is simple. If Biden wins, there would be a strong influence of Hindutva in the new administration, and if Trump wins, Modi wins as well. It is a win-win situation for Hindutva. To achieve this, they use money and ballots.

RSS influence candidates boast that Hindu Americans voters are over 2 million in the country. The excessive numbers are to deceive both the parties. No database can give an account of voters based on their religious identity. The census data provides race and ethnic related data. Based on that data, the total number of Indian origin voters is not more than 1 million, including Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, Jains, atheists, and Hindus. Hindus are in large numbers in California, Delaware, and Arizona, the only state where their votes may impact.

A careful analysis of political candidates' donations suggests that Hindutva forces fund Trump and Republicans with 10 to one ratio. One to opponents. Exceptions are those Democratic candidates who are RSS influenced in Houston and Chicago in Congressional races.

In 2016, 65 percent of Hindus had voted for Clinton, but this election would vote Trump because Modi and RSS have instructed them to do something.

Reports say that in the Biden campaign, many RSS influenced individuals have occupied important positions. They point out three names, Amit Jani, Ajay Jain Bhutoria, and Sonal Shah.

Amit Jani's late father, Suresh Jani, hailed from the same village in Gujarat as Modi. Suresh Jani was a co-founder of the Overseas Friends of the BJP, and Modi stayed at his home when first visiting the U.S. in 1993. OFBJP is now under investigation of the IRS and Justice Department.

Farooq Mitha, and Emgage staff and Biden campaign's Muslim outreach director calls him a personal friend. In a recent meeting with 20 prominent Muslims from Houston, Mitha told that he and Jani come from the same town and would not accept Jani's criticism as he was his buddy.

Ajay Jain Bhutoria serves on the National Finance Committee of the Biden campaign. He was instrumental in creating the slogan, "America ka Neta Kaisa Ho, Jo Biden Jaisa Ho" in 14 Indian languages. Bhutoria is an elected National Delegate for Biden for California's 17th district, the home of Hindu Americans' largest community. His Indian language campaign will help recruit Hindutva influenced volunteers to outreach Hindu voters. Will they campaign for Trump using Biden resources is something to check.

Sonal Shah, Pete's National Policy Director, is on Biden's Unity Task Force for the economy. She is an economist, former lobbyist, and public official. Shah served as the National Policy Director for Mayor Pete Buttigieg's run in the 2020 United States presidential election. From April 2009 to August 2011, she served as the Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in the White House.

In 2001, Shah worked with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) of America. The Central Intelligence Agency classified the VHP in India as a militant religious organization as of 2018.

Later in 2001, she co-founded the non-religious, non-profit Indicorps, which recruits young people of Indian origin (mostly Hindus) from worldwide to volunteer in India working for Indian NGOs. It is a front organization for VHP. Indicorps volunteers have worked in education, health and sanitation, rural development, tsunami relief, and microfinance, allegedly promoting the VHP agenda. She was a keynote speaker at the India-based Ekal Vidyala Foundation (EVF)., an RSS influenced group. The EVF in India runs schools that pursue a Hindu-nationalist agenda and generate hatred towards minorities. In 2005 the EVF lost public funding after the Indian federal government deemed it was "spreading hatred" against India's non-Hindu minority.

When she appointed to President Obama's transition team, leaders of the VHP and another Hindu nationalist organization, the RSS, called her a "proud member of the VHP, the daughter of Ramesh Shah, a very senior VHP leader."

The heavy presence of VHP and RSS supporters in the Biden campaign raises questions about its effectiveness among Hindus. The Modi and RSS supporters in the U.S. are staunch followers of their ideology. They will pursue the Modi agenda, regardless of the political party they belong to in the country. It will be naive to think that they will support Biden or the Democratic party against Trump. They support Democratic candidates only because some of them believe in their ideology.

The Biden campaign needs to evaluate itself and be aware of the dangers of the Hindutva forces' infiltration, whose presence is detrimental to the party and the country because they a foreign agenda.

The Democratic party has accused President Trump of hobnobbing with the Russians, ignoring the fact that the RSS and VHP, representing a foreign ideology, have infiltrated its base.

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