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Hindutva Warriors in the US are Angry and in Panic after the Conference Exposing their Ideology.

Why is Hindutva angry and in a state of panic?

The three-day conference on dismantling Hindutva created unprecedented anger and panic in its ranks, so much so that its leading advocates, the RSS, the BJP, the VHP, and the Bajrang Dal, used all the possible techniques to intimidate and shut down participating scholars. They threatened to kill, rape, and harm their children. They approached universities, deans of faculties, and provosts to get them fired, and they tried to convince people that scholars, 80 percent of whom came from the Hindu faith, were anti-Hindus. Furthermore, they even called the event ISI or CIA or MI5 sponsored.

Why were they in a state of panic and angry?

They were afraid of being exposed by those who devoted their resources to study their past, present, and future designs. They were fearful of losing their image in the West, where they have been trying to project them as a peaceful, pluralistic, and democracy-loving community.

Truly the scholars, risking their lives and careers, exposed them completely.

Hindutva is a hyena in the clothes of a sheep. Its philosophy is hate towards all those who do not subscribe to its ideas. Its methodology to impose its ideology is through intimidation, violence, and lynching. Its source of strength is social media, whose platform it has purchased or bribed heavily. Its allies are mainly Gujarati businessmen, who reportedly finance violence and hate in an organized manner through financial resources. Its protectors in the USA and Europe are Indian embassies that promote Hindutva instead of India. Its defenders in India are police officials, bureaucracy, judiciary, and the army that is more loyal to Hindutva than India.

India is not Hindu and was never Hindu. Instead, the upper castes focused on India's composite culture, including animists, atheists, agnostics, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, and Muslims. The upper castes created a theology where everyone else was untouchable, impure, and profane. The upper castes, based on their self-proclaimed scriptural authority, determined the eternal status of others.

Hindutva never mentions the persecution of those assigned to lower caste status by the upper castes. Its hatred towards Muslims and Christians is well known and documented. Moreover, it denies the right to Indians to choose a religion of their own. The choices millions of Indians made in the past to become Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs, and Muslims are seen as a betrayal of the supremacy of the upper castes.

Hindutva is a misogynist ideology that views women as commodities. The rapes of Muslims and the so-called lower castes are tools in their hands to degrade women.

Above all, Global Hindutva's hypocrisy in having two standards of human rights and democracy in India and the USA and Europe speak of its demonic designs. While it seeks equality in the West, it finances inequality and violence against Muslims and the lower castes in India.

Hindutva has a strong presence through HSS and other similar outfits, and they use temples as the breeding center of hatred among Hindus. They practice caste inequalities in such places. Their businesses finance violence and terror groups in India.

For all these reasons mentioned above, the hate-filled Hindutva groups in India, through their contacts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and google, orchestrated a campaign against the conference. They directly attacked the first amendment, a rejection of the US Constitution that allows freedom of expression.

Their betrayal of the constitution means they are least concerned about this country's values and founding principles. In their attempt to impose their hateful ideology, Hindutva can go to any length. We Americans should be aware of their plans.

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