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'Hit Mohammedan Students': Hindu Teacher incites violence in School

An Upper-Caste Hindu teacher incites her Hindu students to strike a Muslim boy to get a multiplication table wrong. She spits her venom against Islam. Is this the emerging face and phase of Hinduism? Video link included in the text.

In July, an Indian Railway policeman killed three Muslims, identifying them by their beard and kufis, and forced a Muslim woman to remove her hijab.

A few days later, a Bajrang Dal operative and a follower of an alleged murderer incited people to attack Muslim homes in Mewat and coerced the state administration to bulldoze their residential and commercial buildings under an unspoken law that is not part of the Indian penal code.

Then India landed its craft on the moon, and a television station associated with a Hindu militant organization showed a cartoon with Muslims in beards and caps throwing rocks at the Indian flag, shouting we would not let you on the moon.

Now comes the news from a small village in the RSS-run state of Uttar Pradesh, where the upper-caste teacher-owner of a private school asked her Hindu students to slap hard a Muslim child for making mistakes in multiplication tables. She blamed Islam and the Muslim family structure for his mistake. She incited violence against a defenseless child facing a pack of wolves in a school, the most sacred of modern institutions.

These are not isolated incidents. They are planned and well-calculated by none other than a group founded on the notion of Hindu supremacy. Behind every incident mentioned above and hundreds and thousands of others that go unreported daily all over India, one can see an organized effort by a section of Hindu religious and political leaders to promote violence and hatred against Islam and Muslims. Behind all such incidents are the statements India's political and religious elites have made for decades.

The teacher ensured that the violence against the Muslim child is recorded. The cameraman is seen laughing and enjoying the moment. The purpose was to humiliate and inform Hindus that Muslims are inferior.

It is hard to believe that Hindu deities, like the caste system, institutionalized hatred and violence against Muslims and Islam. When Hindus were writing their scriptures, there were no Muslims or Christians or even Buddhists or Sikhs in what was known as India. Who introduced the two dominant traits of modern Hinduism and popularized them in the masses?

Scriptural evidence suggests that the initial target of hatred and violence were the people, the Hindu sacred book Manusmriti, described as Shudras created from the feet of the creator. They were untouchables, and violence against them was a religious duty if they were found to deviate from their role of serving the so-called upper castes.

Buddhists, Animists, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, and non-conformist Hindus became later targets depending on the political will of the religious and political elites. Ironically, they spit venom against Muslims for coming to India and destroying its so-called Sanatan Dharam. However, they refuse to acknowledge that Hindu ruling elites, in their greed to control land and resources in alliance of their religious leaders invited Muslim armies from Afghanistan or Central Asia.

Empirical evidence suggests that a specific group of Hindus believe in the supremacy of their upper caste purity and the religious philosophy behind it. They see significant threats from Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, and Christianity. The followers of these faiths in India initially came from Hindu ranks, who refused to accept the supremacy of upper castes. The four belief systems mentioned above negate the concept of human hierarchy based on divinely ordained birth. They promote egalitarian ideas.

Hindu religious and current power elites refuse to accept equality as part of their religion. They might use some scriptural observations, such as "the whole world is a family," without believing in its validity or religious legitimacy. Hypocrisy is their trait. The testimony comes from millions of Dalits who still live as sub-humans in a country that has legally abolished the caste system.

These promoters of inequality are on the path of war and, in the last 11 decades, have turned many Hindus against Islam, Christianity, Dalits, Sikhs, and Buddhists. The poisonous philosophy of this type of Hinduism is spreading like wildfire worldwide, where groups like the BJP, the RSS, the VHP, and the Bajrang Dal have established their strong presence. In Hindu temples controlled by such groups, the message of supremacy is evident, and hatred is common.

The incident in Khubbapur village in the district of Muzaffarnagar in the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is available on video. The hatred is visible and the violence is the command. The area has a population of about 3,000, with 400 houses. The literacy rate is about 63 percent. Twenty percent of the population comprises Dalits and the so-called lower castes, who are not permitted to visit upper-caste temples. Hatred against Muslims is common among the RSS, BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal groups.

The following words of the Upper-caste teacher speak of the mindset of emerging so-called educated Hindus:

"Maine toh declare kar diya, jitne bhi Mohammedan bache hain, inke wahan chale jao

(I have declared – all these Muslim children, go to anyone's area)..."

“Kya tum maar rahe ho? Zor se maaro na

(Why are you hitting him so lightly? Hit him hard)."

She then asks,

"Chalo aur kaske, number hai

(Whose turn is it)?"

As the boy cries, Tyagi says:

"Abki baar kamar pe maaro… chalo… muh pe na maaro ab muh laal ho raha hai… kamar pe maaro saare

(Start hitting him on the waist… His face is turning red; hit him on the core instead)."

Tayagi represents the ugly face of RSS-defined Hinduism. It is this religious philosophy that threatens world peace. She is teaching her Hindu students what RSS and VHP members have been heard chanting in India's streets:

Jab Mulle kate jayenge, Ram, Ram chillaenge

When Muslims will be killed, they will shout Ram, Ram.

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1 Comment

Saad Abdullah
Saad Abdullah
Sep 01, 2023

I think Professor they never have a problem with Muslims as they know they can mould them along with their culture which they have achieved it at some extent especially in rural areas but yes they have problem with Islam which talks about every person have a right to spend his life with dignity as it challenged their concept of racial purity, Caste culture and supremacy which they never want to lose

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