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Kulkarni calls his Muslim Opponents Nefarious

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Sri Preston Kulkarni issued a brief letter to Muslims in his district addressing them as brothers and sisters and ending with your friend and ally. He called his Muslim opponents nefarious actors and questioned their stand against him.

Referring to their decision to endorse him in 2018, he questioned the change in their past assessment. He assured them that regardless of Emgage's decision, he would always remain a Muslim ally.

The statement is reportedly the brainchild of an RSS supporter and financier, who in the past has spoken against Islam and Muslims openly in his Hindu Fascist circles. The sponsor also donated to the organization involved in the killing of Gandhi.

He explained that he spoke against Islamophobia and bigotry throughout his life and career and in support of the human rights of Muslims and other minorities in the US and abroad. He also said that he wanted to create a big tent coalition for communities to interact.

In 2014, the Butcher of Gujarat, while running as Prime Ministerial candidate for His fascist party, the BJP, assured the nation that he stand for sab ka sath, sab ka Vikas ( Together with all, development for all). But under his rule, more than 1.9 million Muslims in Assam lost their citizenship, scores of Muslims lynched by his party goons, and riots against Dalits and Muslims caused thousands to suffer. It s a modus operandi of fascists. Kulkarni describes those fascists as a father figure and believes that he would not have contested this election without their backing.

Those who stand for values and want to create a coalition for the common good do not accept the money of fascists. HSS, HAF, and VHP, who funded his campaign through various means, belong to the category of fascists, and no responsible citizen can allow them to interfere in elections.

If he is so concerned about his pluralistic ideals, he should return the dirty money of fascists. Muslims whom he calls nefarious for opposing him, understand the dangers the fascist forces pose to national security and the constitution.

In his statement, Kulkarni failed to address issues raised by the constituents he claims to represent. They ask him about his links with HSS, VHP, and HAF. These organizations did not fund him because he is smart or handsome; they supported him because they believe he would be their man in Congress.

How can anyone trust his words when he cannot speak against Islamophobes like Meghani, or Bhutada, his prominent donors who identify with fascist and nationalist forces in India.

Can there be a dialogue between ISIS and the civilized world? Why, then, he expects that Kashmirs and Muslim Indians will sit with fascists to accommodate each other. Fascism is lethal, and a believer in progressive values cannot compromise with it.

He said that diplomacy is challenging work. He is not a diplomat but a deceiver. He takes fascist money to deceiver its opponents that he is with them. The fascists are desperate to get him in Congress and he knows that. His claim that he cares for human rights is shallow and he has nothing to back them up.

Muslim community knows fascists in District-22. They stood with the butcher of Gujarat in the Howdy Modi event. They raised funds for India's organizations responsible for the demolition of the Babri Masjid, lynching, rioting, denying human rights to Kashmiris, and celebrating the destruction of Muslims in their places of worship. They are the Islamophobes behind several campaigns against Muslims. Kulkarni knows all this, and the day he decided to stand with Modi while his community was protesting against him decided the fate of his election. He has to blame himself for that.

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