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Kulkarni Calls Muslim leaders dishonest and liars

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Three days before the election, Sri Preston Kulkarni issued a statement blaming four Muslims and one Hindu by name for attacking him and supporting his opponent Troy Nehls in Texas-22. He criticized the Hindu supporter for accusing him of being a traitor against Hindus but kept the most derogative words for Muslims. He called them (Names are being withheld upon request ) liars, nefarious, divisive, and anti-Muslims. These leaders should consider suing him for slander and character assassination). The statement appeared on his Facebook for a few hours and even after severe additions it was deleted. In other words, Kulkarni unleashed his supporters against Muslim leaders and their families. Kulkarni's supporters include Hindutva fascists and felons and anything can be expected from them.

It's harassment and intimidation and the Muslim community in Houston must condemn Kulkarni and his campaign for adopting nefarious tactics to intimidate voters. How did the State Department waste nation's tax money on appointing this goon a diplomat, people in the districts are asking?

What an irony! Now Kulkarni would identify anti-Muslim and determine who is a genuine or a fraud among Muslims. His statement provides enough proof of his intellectual deficiency, moral weaknesses, and cognitive flaws. He does not understand Muslim opposition to his candidacy, does not recognize his moral fragility, and does not comprehend the real issues.

Why are Muslim Americans (Emgage traitors and other opportunists apart) are opposed to him?

He failed to demonstrate that he maintains a distance from individuals and groups that have played a significant role in Muslims' lynching and destruction of their worship places. He describes them as pillars of his campaign.

His major donors are these fascist elements, whether Hindutvas or Muslims, who have often backed fascist tendencies in the Muslim world.

He cannot see that his Hindutva supporters worked against Muslim candidates in different states because they took a stand against the Hindutva fascists in India.

His internal polls suggest that he may lose the election by a small margin. His statement offers a rationalization of his defeat as it blames four Muslim leaders and their followers for it. He cannot realize his attitude. He had all the time to return the money that he got from fascists, but he did not do that.

On the contrary, in private conversations with fascists, he assured them of his loyalties to HSS, VHP, RSS, and the Hindutva government in India.

His Hindutva supporters have explained his sentiments to many who attend Hindu Temples with them. In fact, during the Diwali celebrations at various places, they called Kulkarni a blessing sent to destroy Muslim Ravanas in Houston.

Muslim leadership of Emgage is hypocritical. Even though the organization did not endorse him, the leaders have continued to support him through deceptive techniques. Kulkarni's statement is the outcome of their input and their ideas.

The issue in Tx-22 is simple. A fascist ideology with roots in a foreign country is building its base and gaining entry in Congress through deceptive techniques. Muslims oppose this intervention and see Kulkarni as a puppet in the hands of fascist forces.

In a democracy, people have the right to have a perspective and share it with others. Those opposed to Kulkarni have just did that.

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