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The Impact of Ramadan on Our Lives

How can someone determine the impact that Ramadan has on our lives?

The month of fasting is over and life is now slowly returning to the pattern that we all had before Ramadan. Let us take a moment to reflect on what we gained during this month besides the reward from God, Almighty. Let us also plan to use during the next 11 months the training that we had in self control in the month of Ramadan A simple way of doing that is to compare ouselves to the branches of Iman as identified by the Quran and the Ahadith.

The Prophet said in several of the statements attributed to him that there are some 60 or 70 odd branches of Iman. The highest is to bear witness there is no god by Allah and Muhammad is his messenger and the lowest is the removal of harm from the road and modesty is also of faith.

Imam Bayhaqi (d. 486 A.H identified some 77 branches of Iman. Some 30 of these branches deal with the heart, some seven with tongue and the remaining with our actions.

Let us see how the self discipline exercise in Ramadan would help us to impact our behavior, attitude and actions in relation to these branches of Iman.

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