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Maulana Yusuf Islahi

Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Islahi, a prominent Muslim scholar, author, speaker, and founder of several educational institutions, passed away in India on December 21, 2021, after a short illness. However, he left behind a treasure of knowledge that would continue to benefit seekers worldwide. Much of what he wrote and said was in Urdu, but through his students scattered all over the world, he reached an audience speaking different languages and cultures. Many of his students are in the United States. His book Asan Fiqh (Easy Jurisprudence) and Adab-e Zindagi (Etiquettes of Life) are his best-circulated books.

Born at Formulli, Attock District, in 1932, Maulana Islam was a member of the consultative body of Jamat e Islamic Hindi. Also, he was the chief patron of Project why Islam of the Islamic Circle of North America.

Attock District (Urdu and Punjabi: ضلع اٹک) is a district in Pothohar Plateau of the Punjab Province of Pakistan. Its capital is Attock city. His thoughts had the influence of Maulana Maududi, Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi, and Maulana Abd al-Hayy.

He received his primary education in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, British India. Initially, he got educated in Islamic Studies from Mazaher ul-Uloom, Saharanpur District and Higher studies, and Fazilat from Madarsat ul-Islah, Sarai Mir. He memorized Qur'an and also learned Tajweed. Then, his father, Shaikh-ul-Hadees Maulana Abdul Qadim Khan, sent him to Madrasa Mazahir ul Uloom, Saharanpur, for further education. Later he joined Madarsat ul Islah, Sarai Mir, Azamgarh. He spent four years under Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi and received Sanad Fazilat with distinction (Certificate of Graduation).

He was part of one of the most distinguished families in India that served Islam through their

scholarship. Maulana Islahi was the brother-in-law of Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, former President of ISNA and a prominent Muslim American leader, scholar, and an iconic figure among Muslim thinkers. Dr. Muzammil's father, Maulana Tawassul Hussain Siddiqi, who dedicated his life to serving Islam through Jamat e Islami, India succeeded Mualana Abdul Hai as the in-charge of Jamiatul Salehat. Dr. Muzammil is the son-in-law of Maulana Abdul Hai, one of the giants of Islam in India. He was the editor of Butool, a woman's magazine, Hasanat, a journal of Islamic thoughts, Noor, a children's magazine, and Hadi a magazine of in simple Hindi on Islamic subjects. He left behind him a publication house dedicated to Islamic books.

Maulana Yusuf Islahi was married to Dr. Muzammil's eldest sister, who passed away a few years ago. Maulana Islahi has eight children. His youngest daughter is on the East Coast.

Following the footsteps of many Muslim scholars of his time, Maulana Islahi became a member of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in 1953 and served Islam and the organization through various activities.

Maulana Yusuf Islahi was also guiding many educational and welfare institutions. He was the Rector of Jamiat us-Salehat, Rampur, which Maulana Abd al-Hayy founded) as a unique and very well-known institution for girls' higher Arabic and Islamic education. He also edited an Urdu religious magazine, Zikra.

More than a thousand students now reside in the sprawling campus spread on several acres of land in the best locality of Rampur city. The number of hostlers who come from the city to the new campus alone is more than thrice. Jamia has another campus-the old one too, where classes for junior sections take place. Every type has at least four areas from beginning up to higher categories.

Markazi Darsgah-e-Islami, Rampur, ran under his guidance for the last few years. Many other educational and welfare institutions also sought advice and guidance from him. He led a simple life and devoted his knowledge to serving people.

His scholarship was rooted in humility, humor, and care for humanity. May Allah elevate his status in the life hereafter.

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Dec 22, 2021

Qalu inna Lilah e Wainna ilay he Ra'ajeoon.

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