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Options for Muslim Indians against Hitler's Hindus

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

The denial of any mosque burning and killing of Muslims in Tripura, a northeastern Indian state, by the Interior Ministry of India has finally exposed the strategy of the Hindutva fascists to implement the final solution of minority problems in the country. Despite audio, video, and print evidence showing Muslim places of worship burnt, businesses destroyed, and Muslim citizens killed, the RSS-trained Interior Minister, Amit Shah, instructed his subordinates to deny the occurrence of violence occurring in Tripura, a state bordering Bangladesh.

The world media remained silent, and only a few Indian journalists questioned the validity of the report, and those who did instantly become the enemy of the state.

It is how the Hindu fascist government intends to administer state affairs concerning violence against minorities.

A Hindu Rashtra is on the map, tearing apart the secular republic, and the plan to eradicate the Muslim minority initially is in the books. So what are the options for Muslim India in a county that has become wild, worse than the animal kingdom?

When wolves ready to kill are running the kingdom, only the majestic approach of the lion can protect the interests of the vulnerable. Will Muslims play that role or become like Jellyfish, anteaters, male black widow spiders, copperhead snakes, sloths, spiny soft shell turtles, star-nosed moles, or the wild turkeys, the eight weakest mammals? They all easily surrender to their attackers without any resistance?

In the critical situation, Muslims face in India, their leaders in the country and the diaspora have yet to come together to meet the organized wolves' onslaught on their faith, identity, and existence.

Some act like an ostrich refusing to realize the gravity of the situation. With heads buried in the sand, they are an easy target of the wolves. Many offered them as easy prey to wolves as they went to the RSS leaders trying to explain Islam as if the organization did not know anything about their faith. They refused to accept the reality that the existence of Hindutva depends on violence against Islam and Muslims.

Some act like turtles. They are quiet, harmless, and sensitive to vibrations with their selfish interests in mind. They believe they cannot do much to change their conditions unless everyone becomes like them. What is happening in the world is part of a master divine plan, and as people with predestination cannot do much unless destiny deems otherwise.

Some are keen to pounce on wolves like tigers. Filled with the feeling of revenge for the blood of their loved ones, they are eager to get the score even.

Yet, none of those mentioned above offer a viable option for Muslims. On the contrary, by overlooking the situation, they are contributing to its exasperation. By deferring it to others, they are neglecting their responsibilities. Responding to violence with violence exposes their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, where the entire state structure is under the rule of those in power because of hatred and violence against Muslims.

Unless they act like the Cattle Egret that focuses on teamwork for the Win, Canada Geese with flexible leadership, Honey Bees whose structure makes teams efficient, or Dolphins who communicate most effectively, they would not be able to ward off the wild wolves.

RSS does not monopolize India. Hinduism is not a monolith faith that represents the spirituality of all Indians, and the present fascist party is not the last ruling elite of India.

Muslims must look at history and learn from it. Mongols destroyed the Abbasid kingdom, yet Islam and Muslims survived. Catholic Church imposed inquisition on Muslims and Jews, yet they stayed. Who can forget Africans bought and sold by slave traders, yet they have their independent countries. Hitler tried to burn Jews in gas chambers, but they exist as a powerful nation. Zionists stole the Palestinian land, yet the Palestinian struggle is active.

Hindutva fascists would fail. Muslims have to work harder to develop alliances with those who believe in human decency, human rights, pluralism, and peace. The fascists would try to burn places of worship, lynch innocent people. Still, if Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists come together to defend India's constitution and pluralism and every human life under threat, the fascists would not achieve their goals. Like Hitler, they will destroy them, or like the Mongols, they would change their terrorist ideology.

When Muslims protected Hindu Temples in Bangladesh, Pakistan punished Muslims responsible for destroying Hindu Temple, Sikhs offered their holy places when Hindu terrorists prevented Muslims from offering Friday prayers, the process of the end of Hitler's Hindus began.

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18 нояб. 2021 г.

Well after the passing of NRC and CAB bills and looking to the radicalization of the Hindu majority and continuous harassment of Muslim minorities all around India; it is very clear that Muslims of India are not welcome in India as equal citizen but they can be stayed as second class citizen without many of Constitutional rights including voting rights. So what is the way out for 200 million Muslims of India? More probably sooner or later the world will wake-up to the plight of the Indian Muslims. It will be a historical refugee settlement plan for the United Nations. Many western nations including Canada, Australia, Greenland, Iceland and European nations will make plan to absorb these unfortunates. The Muslim…

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