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Proud of Ancestors who rejected Brahman-Led discriminatory Hinduism

The article is written by a former citizen of India, who is proud of his ancestor's decision to renounce the Brahman-led Hinduism that holds God responsible for making some people superior by their birth.

In the pic, you can see Christians being converted to Hinduism to suffer caste-based discrimination.

By Mohammad Yacoob

Los Angeles, California

The campaign led by the Hindu national organizations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP), Rashtriya Sevak Sang (RSS), and other organizations affiliated with Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) or support BJP, to convert Muslims, the most significant minority in India, to Hinduism by the use of the religious conversion, Ghar Wapasi (returning home).

We are proud of our ancestors who renounced the Hindu religion and embraced Islam. They faced the inhumanity of caste discrimination that still exists in India and is well entrenched in society today and followed by VHP, RSS, and other organizations. These organizations believe in the caste system that is structured and determined by birth. Our ancestors rejected India's deeply rooted caste system and discovered that God does not discriminate based on birth, race, gender, the family line they come from, and much more. That's why they embraced Islam.

The new technique, Mughal and non-Mughal, is being used by extremist organizations to convert Muslims to Hinduism, creating psychosis among Hindus that the Mughal imperial elite forcefully converted to Islam. The Dalits, tribal people, and other Hindus did not accept Islam because of the Mughal kings of India. Instead, they accepted Islam through the efforts of Murshids and Peers belonging to Muslim Religious Orders who explained the tents of Islam and Islamic values.

The Dalits in India, members of low-caste groups outside the main castes, have always fought against the caste system deeply rooted in Hinduism. As a result, Dalits have suffered for more than 3000 years, publicly declaring to the world that they are not Hindus.

We are with Dalits who live daily oppressive and discriminatory practices in India.

A poet wrote in Urdu about a Dalit mason and his feelings against the oppressive and discriminatory practices of the caste system in India.

"I am not permitted to enter houses of rich people

I am a Dalit, never allowed to enter temples

Yesterday, two Brahmin Pundits came and asked me

For the construction of a new temple."

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