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QAnon: A Republican-backed Conspiracy theory Group

Many Republicans believe that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles runs a global child sex-trafficking ring. The Democrats are the Satan worshippers, and they are against U.S. President Donald Trump, who knows about them and is ready to eliminate them in his second term. They have formed a group known as QAnon. It believes that the Hollywood celebrities and media anchors are part of the child-sex ring.

The theory began with an October 2017 post on the anonymous imageboard 4chan by Q, who introduced himself as a single American individual. Many Q followers believe that he is a high-level government official with access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its opponents. The three people took the original Q post and spread it across multiple media platforms.

QAnon adherents who were already Trump supporters, identified first as Qanon in an August 2018 Trump rally.

In June 2020, Q urged followers to take a "digital soldiers oath," and many did,

Qanonis also believe that Muslims orchestrated a plan to impose Islam on the country and slowly introduce Sharia law to the United States by using coronavirus restrictions as a first step. Mask is the start, as one of them said. "That masks leads to a burqa and then goes to Sharia law image," said Richard Hanley, a journalism professor, who has taught a class on the spread of disinformation at Quinnipiac University for several years in Connecticut.

The group also claims that 5G cellular networks were behind the pandemic - or "Plandemic," as one conspiracy film calls it.

The Anti-mask movement is a recruitment tool for the group.

QAnon also believes that a Jewish "shadow network" controls the United States.

Before coronavirus, QAnon villain was the Muslim Brotherhood, which the group believes controls large parts of the Democratic party. Many Republican leaders targetted Huma Abidin, a Clinton advisor in the 2016 election.

Vilifying Muslims is a QAnon strategy in line with President Trump's stance on Islam and other Republican leaders. Trump once "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States."

Trump occasionally retweets QAnon followers and theories.

Qanon is now global, and many people suspect that the Russians are behind the group.

In the 2020 election, some 24 QAnonis will appear as Republican or independent candidates.

Two of these candidates may win the election, and of them is Marjorie Taylor Greene running from GA-14 District. She is known for her anti-Islam rhetoric. Some of these candidates are as follows.

Josh Barnett, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Arizona, 7th Congressional District

Joyce Bentley, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Nevada, 1st Congressional District

Lauren Boebert, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Colorado, 3rd Congressional District

Mike Cargile, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, California, 35th Congressional District

Erin Cruz, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, California, 36th Congressional District

Ron Curtis, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Hawaii, 1st Congressional District

Ben Gibson, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Louisiana, 4th Congressional District

Marjorie Taylor Greene, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Georgia, 14th Congressional District

Greene, labeled as a "future star" of the Republican party by the President,

Alison Hayden, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, California, 15th Congressional District

Bob Lancia, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Rhode Island, 2nd Congressional District

Tracy Lovvorn, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Massachusetts, 2nd Congressional District

KW Miller, INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE, Florida, 18th Congressional District

Buzz Patterson, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, California, 7th Congressional District

Jo Rae Perkins, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, U.S. Senate, Oregon

Nikka Piterman, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, California, 13th Congressional District

Billy Prempeh, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, New Jersey, 9th Congressional District

Catherine Purcell, INDEPENDENT PARTY OF DELAWARE CANDIDATE, Delaware At-Large Congressional District

Theresa Raborn, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Illinois, 2nd Congressional District

Angela Stanton-King, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Georgia, 5th Congressional District

Johnny Teague, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Texas, 9th Congressional District

Rob Weber, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Ohio, 9th Congressional District

Philanise White, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Illinois, 1st Congressional District

Lauren Witzke, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, U.S. Senate, Delaware

Daniel Wood, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, Arizona, 3rd Congressional District

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