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RSS posses danger to the Gulf societies

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Dubai businesses deported six upper-caste Hindus from India in March and April this year for tweeting racist and bigotted statements against Muslims and Islam. Members of the royal family and civic society spoke against the increasing hatred spread by Hindus working in Dubai. The Organization of Islamic Conference issued a statement condemning India's anti-Muslim policies. It is in this context that India's UAE envoy, a supporter of Hindu militant organization the RSS, condemned the hate speech and Prime Minister Modi, a stalwart in the Hindu fascist organization, issued that statement that Coronavirus does not discriminate based on caste, religion, and status after his party members and his paid media had blamed Muslims for the spread of the deadly disease in the country. The statements, once again, highlighted the hypocrisy, the RSS inspired BJP and other Hindu fascist organizations have demonstrated during the last 74 years of Indian's independence. People still remember their support for the terrorist Nathuram Godse who killed the apostle of peace, Gandhi immediately after India gained freedom from the British colonialists and feel shocked to see Godse supporters endorsed for joining the highest legislating body in the country. Yet, the RSS and BJP now project Gandhi as one of their own to create the impression that they believe in non-violence. The facts are different. Dalits and minorities have faced lynching and violence by the RSS and BJP goons during the BJP rule. Slogans such as Muslims should be buried in Qabristan (graveyard) or sent to Pakistan, or shoot the traitors, or rape dead Muslim women after digging them out of their graves were raised by leaders who occupy prominent positions in the BJP ruled country. The condemnation by the Indian envoy is deceptive. He deflected the issue and tried to create the impression that the statements tweeted by some person of Indian origin were individual rantings and should not be taken as an endorsement by the government. The reality suggests that all the anti-Muslim and anti-Islam tweets were made by upper-caste Hindus who were either members or sympathizers of the Hindu fascist organizations. There are about 3.5 million Hindus in the Middle East. A large number of them belong to upper-castes and many are trained RSS workers. In the UAE there are 1,405,398 , in Qatar 351,210, in Kuwait 350,000, in Oman 259,780[5], in Bahrain 150,000 in Yemen 150,000 and in Saudi Arabia 40,000. The RSS Hindus organize secret militant camps in many Gulf countries in which they propagate anti-Islam and anti-Muslim ideas. They are reminded of their commitment and duties to Brahmanism with the goal in mind that Muslims must be rooted out of India. Many of them also act as informants to India's intelligence RAW. Those who have access to sensitive government or business data pass it on to RSS bosses in India. They also promote RSS run Indian businesses in the gulf. These upper-caste RSS Hindus practice untouchability as they regard Muslims dirty. In their mind, Arabs are uncivilized, barbaric, followers of a violent religion, oppressors of women and cheat. Their purpose in the Gulf is to make money to strengthen the RSS in India as well as destroy the local communities morally and financially. India earns 120 billion dollars in foreign exchange from Indians working in the Muslim world. It is this concern of losing huge foreign exchange that prompted India's RSS leader Modi and the Hindu fascist supporter the Indian envoy to UAE that evoked this hypocritical response. If the Indian government was serious in condemning such anti-Muslim statements, it could have punished those who lynched Muslims in the name of Ram, it could have removed parliamentarians who support the killer of Gandhi and who advocate violence against Dalits and minorities. The Gulf leadership must understand that the presence of an organized Hindu Fascist trained upper-caste Hindu group in their society is a danger to their national security. The RSS with the help of RAW is capable of staging a coup in any of these countries to install its puppet governments with the help of upper-caste RSS Hindus. Islam and Muslims will survive the Islamophobes but the gulf countries might not handle the RSS plots and schemes effectively. Its time for the Gulf leadership to screen RSS upper-caste Hindus who owe allegiance to fascism and racial bigotry.

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