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Self-Defense Tool Kit for Muslim Females, especially in India

Muslim women auction on the internet by the RSS trained and influenced Hindus has raised tough questions on India's ability to protect its citizens who do not belong to Hindu upper castes. In these auctions, the targets are educated Muslim women activists. The purpose is to subjugate, silence, and intimidate them. The issue is not only about humiliating Muslims through humiliating women., but it is about a mindset that sees women as objects of sex and Muslim women, especially, a target of sexual abuse. The RSS idea-led campaign intends to instigate its supporters to attack Muslim women sexually whenever they find them in a vulnerable position.

The police, in general, have failed to capture the real culprits. But, unfortunately, the intelligence agencies have no interest in going after the actual minds behind this campaign. Moreover, the judiciary is not interested in protecting the constitutional rights of Muslim citizens because they are not part of the Hindu caste system. The Muslims so have many divisions that they would not act in unison to protect Muslim women unless they belong to their caste, sect, school of thought, or class.

So what should Muslim women and women in general in India do? First, rely on their inner strength to challenge anyone who questions their integrity and character and humiliate them through verbal or physical attacks.

Physical fitness is the first step. Regardless of age, every Muslim woman must ensure that they stay physically fit. It involves physical exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet. YouTube offers several free videos on self-defense techniques.

Each of them should have the following: Pepper spray or Mace, tactical pen, taser gun, tactical knife, and self-defense keychain tools.

Pepper or mace spray is highly effective. It debilitates the attacker and acts as an irritant affecting the eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

A tactical pen is helpful to defend by attacking the neck, face, or eyes, giving the victim time to run.

Self-defense keychain tools give time for self-protection. They include whistles, sound buzzers, and small spray bottles.

A small tactical knife is practical within 20 feet. It should have a 3-inch folding blade to defend

A taser gun immobilizes the attacker for a few seconds. They are non-lethal and can immobilize the attacker for at least five seconds, giving them enough time to find safety. The taser guns fire two small electrodes to deliver electric current, causing pain.

Additionally, if they are at home and attacked by a mob, they should use chili powder to throw at the eyes of attackers. They should keep chili powder at an easily reachable place closer to the point of entry.

Above all, they should have confidence in their ability to protect them.

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