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The Electoral Mess in TX-22, the Zionists and Hindutva forces rejoice

The November election is only a month away. Politicians and their loyalists are desperate to use all their tricks like jugglers to convince the masses of their importance and relevance. But the antics played out in Texas-22 defy all that people running for public office do.

With the backing of hatemongers with interests in foreign fascist groups in mind, a candidate wearing a progressive humanist mask is trying to convince some 800,000 people that he is their only hope of a better future.

Hispanics, blacks, Asians, Christians, Muslims, and many Hindus don't trust him because since 2017, when he decided to enter electoral politics, he did not offer much to his constituents. "How can he represent us, when he does not identify with our issues and concerns," said an influential Democratic party regional leader who prefers to say anonymous.

His voters' solid base comes from those upper-caste Hindus, who ideologically belong to a foreign fascist entity, and a few Muslims, who are too busy to invest in finding out about his real agenda.

His loyalists are of four categories.

  1. Upper-Caste Hindus: People have fascist tendencies. Kulkarni describes them as his father, and they see an ally in promoting their nefarious hate-filled ideology, especially against Christians, Dalits, and Muslims.

  2. Democratic Loyalists: Party leaders who support him because he is a fellow Democrat.

  3. Opportunists: People who see him as a bridge to their political ascendency if elected.

  4. Egocentrists: People who do not give priority to public interests.

One would have expected from Muslim organizations and leaders to lead their community to a better decision. But many of them create confusion and display double standards. For instance, Emgage, a Muslim Political Action Committee, announced its decision not to endorse Kulkarni. Yet, its leaders privately assured the candidate that would canvass for him in their capacity. Many of them funded his campaign.

The Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) is a non=profit entity not authorized to endorse a candidate. But its leaders private meet with Kulkarni off and on. Reliable sources say that the ISGH President has arranged a private meeting with Kulkarni on October 8. An early meeting scheduled on September 14 did not take place.

The worst is the explanation give to Kulkarni by such leaders. Rather than saying that the non-endorsement decision was the outcome of popular opinion, they told him that some nefarious and extremists in the community were against him. Based on their input, the Kulkarni campaign issued a statement in which he accused his Muslim opponents of nefarious actors. Humiliating and bashing one's community that supports such individuals and organizations in front of those whose hatred against Muslims is well known is not a wise action.

The Texas-22 Muslim community is aware of the antics of such people. In the last meeting of the ISGH, members concerned with Emgage's ties with Zionist and Hindutva forces introduced a resolution calling for suspending joint activities with the organization. Javed Malik introduced the resolution. Three people abstained, two voted in favor, and two, President Sohail and Mr. Haroon, opposed it. Despite the fact, senior political advisor on government affairs, Attorney Zafar Tahir, suggested suspending relations with Emgage, the resolution failed to carry.

Emgage is a controversial organization after its relations with Zionists, and Hindutva elements became clear. It is not appropriate to continue relations with it until someone investigates the accusations objectively. Until then, Islamic groups should put their links with Emgage on hold. The President argued that allegations are unproven. Usually, in such a situation, responsible organizations wait for the conclusions before working with groups under scrutiny. ISGH members feel that the President is misusing his powers to patronize Emgage and endangering ISGH tax status. Emgage is a Political Action Committee and endorses candidates. Any official relations with PAC violate the tax rules of non-profit organizations, who cannot support any candidate directly or indirectly.

Meanwhile, the Maryam Masjid in Sugarland reportedly held its worshipers as hostage after the prayer last Friday when it gave Sri Kulkarni the podium to address the community even though Muslim entities have not endorsed him. The Masjid decision amounts to his endorsement, and that is not legally valid. It is a deceptive way to bypass the law. Strangely, such manipulation takes place in the House of God that reminds the believers to be straight in their talks. People are also upset with the Minaret Foundation and its director, Shariq Abdul Ghani, who they believe works in consultation with ADL, described by many as Islamophobic.

The Texas-22 electoral scene is full of confusion and tensions among Muslims. It is what the Hindutva and Zionists forces desire and promote. Muslim leaders and activists feel that a few egoistic individuals in their community are responsible for this confusion and hurting the community's interests.

The election is the best opportunity for Muslims to convince the country that they are against fascist forces and foreign groups' intervention through proxies in the US election.

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