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The Hajj: Important Events

865 CE (Common Era)

At Arafat, Ismail bin Youssef Al-Alawi and his supporters attacked the pilgrims and killed large numbers

930 CE

Qarmatians raided the Sacred Mosque and killed those in it and stole the Black Stone Qarmatians believed that the pilgrimage is one of the rituals of pre-Islamic and idolatry. They kept the stone for 22 years.

983 CE

No one from Iraq performed the Hajj because of the conflict between the successors of Bani Abbas and the successors of Bani Ubaid.

1037 CE,

People from Iraq and Egypt and others.

1253 CE

After a gap of ten years, Iraqis return to perform the Hajj

1257 CE

People of Hijaz did not perform the Hajj due to prevailing political conditions.

1814 CE

Eight thousand people died in Hijaz due to the plague.

1831 CE

Three-quarters of the pilgrims died due to the plague.

1837 CE

The epidemic continued until the 1840s reducing the number of pilgrims.

1846 CE

Cholera spread among pilgrims and continued until 1850 CE. It returned in 1865 CE

1858 CE

A pandemic forced people to flee from Hijaz to Egypt, which built a quarantined are in Aden, to avert epidemics.

1864 CE

One thousand pilgrims died every day due to the outbreak of a highly dangerous epidemic.

1864 CE

Medina faced an epidemic that forced Egypt to send doctors and build a confined area in Makkah.

1892 CE

The cholera outbreak coincided with the Hajj season, and hundreds perished.

1895 CE

A pandemic of typhoid spread

1987 CE

Severe and highly infectious meningitis resulted in at least 10,000 infections.


Coronavirus caused the authorities to limit the number of pilgrims.

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