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TX-22 Congressional Election is bigger than the Ego of Muslim leaders

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

In the TX-22 Congressional District, among Hindu circles, a video is in circulation urging them to vote for Trump if they want India to remain militarily strong and recover its economy. In a retired military official's voice, the video says that voting Biden-Harris would harm India's interest as the Democratic Administration would arm Pakistan and support groups that want to see a weak India.

But when it comes to Congressional candidates in District 22, it advises people to vote for Kulkarni. Surveys of Hindu American voters suggest that 28 percent support Trump. But the words circulating through word of mouth give a different picture. Vote Trump and vote HAF, HSS sponsored candidates regardless of their party affiliation in Congressional and state assembly elections.

This policy reflects the ideology and aspirations of the ruling elites of India representing the Hindutva Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh, a group involved in the assassination of Gandhi, the architect of India's freedom.

Protect Hindutva interests regardless of your political ideals and ensure that India, under the BJP, receives priority over everything else. The Gujarati community primarily leads Hindutva's crusade in the US. With 670,000 people, the Gujaratis make the US's wealthiest community, controlling 60 percent of the motels. Their loyalties to the Hindutva ideology and Islamophobic groups and their massive presence in Hindu Temple management give them a leadership role in directing the community's political direction. They are the backbone of electoral contributions given on behalf of the Indian community to candidates. Sri Preston Kulkarni of TX-22 is the recipient of 70 percent of all the donations given to any political candidate in 2020 by Hindus.

Why? Kulkarni claims to be a diplomat, and his victory in the election might give him a seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee. The Hindutva forces want a loyalist in this powerful committee to promote its interests. Kulkarni knows that in the district, he has to enlist Muslim support. He got this support from the Bohra community that is supportive of the BJP government in India and the middle-class Pakistanis who believe that he would protect their interests. Some of his Muslim donors include people who were involved in practices deemed fraudulent by law enforcement agencies.

However, Emgage, a Muslim PAC, played a significant role in promoting the Hindutva inspired candidate in the district. They were almost ready to endorse the candidate in 2020 as they had done in 2018, but the local Muslim community's pressure prevented them from repeating the mistake. Yet, they continued to deceive the community by supporting Kulkarni quietly. Are they under the pressure of their party to help him, or are they assured of Hindutva support if they contest local elections, or the rich Hindutva operators have bought their conscience through their money? These are some of the issues the local Muslim community would like to know. Emgage leaders in public tell people that they did not endorse anyone in District 22, but they encourage people to donate and vote for Kulkarni in private.

Kulkarni's election might help some Muslims have photo opp with a Congressman and help gain some access to the Administration, but it would hurt the Muslim community. His Muslim supporters have become unwilling tool to promote Hindutva groups in the US. The candidate they support has the backing of Hindutva groups in the US who participated in the Babri Masjid demolition and who are in bed with Zionists to spread hate against Muslims and Islam. Hindutva's victory would embolden the hate mongers to use their man to promote hatred against Muslims with Congressional hearing stamp.

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