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Tx-22 Congressional Race Gets Messier: Emgage plays a double game

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Look at two verses from the Quran and apply it in your life and the community's life and discover the truth about both.

and mark out those who were tainted with hypocrisy and, when they heard, "Come, Struggle in God's cause" - or, "Defend yourselves" - answered, "If we but knew [that it would come to a] fight, we would indeed follow you." Unto apostasy were they nearer on that day than unto faith, uttering with their mouths something which was not in their hearts, the while God knew full well what they were trying to conceal." (3:167)

They would deceive God and those who have attained to faith-the while they deceive none but themselves, and perceive it not. (2:9)

The creator identified two types of people: those who are hypocrites and those who deceive others in His name.

In recent memory, the Emgage leadership in the United States display these two qualities in its leadership style. The organization has hypocrites among them, and the organizational leaders deceive their constituents. They wear hijab and beards, they quote the Quran and Sunnah and pretend to serve Muslim interests. But, in reality, they promote Zionism and Hindutva through their actions. When you confront them, they say, we are only protecting Muslims and how anyone can question their integrity. Their actions speak louder than their words.

In Texas-22 Congressional District, Emgage's leadership has deceived the Muslim community and deployed tactics to endorse a Hindutva inspire and sponsored candidate, Sri Preston Kulkarni. Officially, the Emgage issued a statement saying that it would not support Kulkarni. But its leaders assured him in private that they were behind him, and events prove that they mobilized Muslims and raised funds for him.

ISGH President played a confusing role. Initially, when members wanted to disassociate with Emgage, he voted against the resolution. Later on, the President called a meeting at his home, where he invited both the candidates to dialogue with the city's Muslim leadership. He explained the meeting was in his private capacity. He wanted to facilitate the community to reach a better understanding, he explained. If this was the intent, why hold the meeting privately. Why was the community not told about it openly? What was the point of keeping the meeting when Emgage announced its decision not to endorse Kulkarni? The President explained that he was not endorsing any candidate, and his organization is not legally entitled to support or endorse any political candidate.

The Republican candidate could not attend as being a Sherrif of the county; he was busy. Kulkarni's supporters later published statements accusing him of ignoring Muslim voters. Their lies got exposed on Friday when the Sherrif visited Masjid Sabreen to mingle with Muslims. What was honest about him was his demeanor at the mosque. Unlike Kulkarni, he did not pretend that he was a Muslim and would pray with them in Muslim sites' holiest. He maintained his Christian identity while assuring the people that he does not have put a show to serve their interests.

The meeting that The ISGH president held privately has now become a Kulkarni campaign focus in its outreach to Muslims. Words are in circulation that the Houston Muslim leadership is behind Kulkarni. The meeting was private, and the host did not allow any no photograph or video recording. But a few individuals recorded portions of the discussion. Let us hope that in the Greater Houston Muslim community's best interest, the ISGH President would himself make the contents known; otherwise, the contents if leaked, may be damaging to many.

Emgage leadership in Houston is aware of this. Emgage national leadership is also familiar. But it lacks any guts to take decisive action against those breaking its pledge. Emgage's relations with the Zionists are well known. They kept them hidden, and only when a Palestinian writer wrote about them, they admitted it. Still, they did not take any action against the violators.

In the absence of transparency and deceptive techniques deployed by Emgage leaders, it is not appropriate to describe the group how the Quran describes them-People who say what is not in their hears.

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