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Why did the G-20 Interfaith Forum Invite the Hindu Fascist Group to its Conference?

In the picture are seen the host and a Muslim representative while the Hindu fascist group tried to justify the persecution of minorities in India

Will Israel allow Nazis to join an interfaith forum to give justification for their leader and country's mistreatment of Jews? If anyone comes up with such a proposal, they will be immediately called anti-Semitic and boycotted

But Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-populated country, recently invited the Hindu fascist group, the RSS, and offered the world stage to deny the persecution of Muslims and defend the continued fascist policies of the government of India.

The day when the RSS leader spoke at the Indonesia conference under the leadership of the country's leading Muslim organization, Nahdatul Ulema, the Hindu fascists burned Islam's holiest scriptures after invading a mosque in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is an ongoing pattern visible in different parts of the country. Under the alleged direction of the Hindu hate group and tacit approval of Hindutva-recruited local police, the mob lynches members of minority religious communities, prevents them from praying in their places of worship, and attacks their homes.

The RSS agenda is clear. It wants India to run according to the Hindu holy book Manusmirti. This scripture promotes caste-based divisions and dehumanizes all those not part of the Hindu deity's mouth, chest, and abdomen.

G-20 interfaith forum gave legitimacy to the RSS Hindu nationalist ideology and silently nodded to the genocidal attempts of the fascist group under the leadership of the BJP government. Reports suggest that the RSS delegation tried to convince delegates of its plural face by showing pictures its leaders have of some Muslim clerics of India. The visit of the RSS chief to a mosque in Delhi before the banning of the Popular Front of India was a staged event for the Indonesia conference. The members of the G-20 are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the U.K., and the U.S. India is the next of the Interfaith conference next year.

Indonesia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia failed to counter the RSS narrative, as some powerful countries had influenced their delegates to either be quiet or abstain during the discussion. The Indonesia NU also refused to challenge the RSS narrative on Muslims of India.

The Muslim countries and the world, in general, realize that India, with its future robust economy, would be a significant factor in the global arena. They do not want to displease the Hindu nationalist rulers, as they believe the current ruling party will continue to influence the country for a long time.

Human rights are a low priority for G-20 countries. Many of them are violators of human dignity in their countries. To expect the offenders to stand for the justice of offended people is unrealistic.

However, experts believe that the inclusion of the RSS in the conference was due to the U.S. state department's pressure. The state department is said to be engineering dialogue between the Zionists, Islamic groups, and Hindu nationalists quietly in India, the U.S., Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia at various levels. Several such meetings have occurred in Washington, UAE, India, and other countries. As a result, the promoters of the dialogue believe that the RSS-led government in India is key to their policy to contain China in the world. Regardless, the reality is that human rights are neither the concern of India nor the Muslim world or G-20.

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