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Why do Modi Supporters Lynch Muslims?

RSS Rally in the us

The new Hindutva game in India and abroad is simple. In India, they intimidate Muslims and, abroad, define Islam as an intolerant and terrorist religion. In India, they have the backing of the intelligence agencies, law enforcement officials, legislators, and part judiciary with full support from the media. Abroad, they rely on their ties with white supremacists and right-wing Islamophobic.

The Hindutva groups active in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South East Asia, and South America raise funds in their temples to support violent hate groups. The mother organization of Hindutva, the Rashtriya Sway am Sewak Sangh (RSS) receives the donations and disperses them through Bajrang Dal, Hindu Vahini, and scores of groups. The secret network makes financial transactions easy and smooth. The Hindutva organizers send money through registered charities in the USA or Europe etc., to their counterparts in India. But this is not the only method to transfer funds. The wholesale Indian importers abroad and fake businesses established in India by NRI's are other avenues to transfer funds.

Seasoned RSS leaders train paid Hindutva workers to spread hate-filled rumors, mobilize anti-Muslim pogroms, and engineer acts of terrorism. Unfortunately, the law enforcement agents rarely take action against the culprits, and most cases file charges against Muslim victims.

The RSS has a two-prong strategy in India.

  1. Spread fear among Muslims to hide their religious identity and avoid any assertion of their rights.

  2. Prepare a militant Hindu generation that could mobilize violent rioting to assert its supremacy over non-Hindus.

The RSS uses Dalits, tribal, and constitutionally defined backward community members to organize violence most of the time. The upper castes prepare the plan, the business community finances it, and the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes members act as foot soldiers. It was also the pattern in communal anti-Muslim pogroms after India achieved its independence in 1947.

Abroad, the strategy is threefold.

  1. Infiltrate Interfaith groups to create a softer image of the Hindutva and participate in civic activities highlighting secular values of India and donating token funds to law enforcement agencies.

  2. Work closely with the pro-Israel groups and right-wing Christian Churches, especially the ones promoting white supremacy.

  3. Convince the Neo-Nazi groups that Hindu upper castes are the true Aryans, retaining their purity through their strict caste system.

  4. Raise funds for Hindutva hate groups in India.

  5. Target Islam and Muslims and spread false propaganda against Indian Muslim groups.

There are close to 4 million Indians in the U.S., with two-thirds enjoying U.S. citizenship. The Hindutva groups sponsor Hindu youth to visit India and spend time at RSS headquarters and other institutions to receive training in promoting the Hindutva agenda through their contacts in the U.S.

Some of these young people end up working for the Research Analysis Wing undercover. The RAW is India's intelligence agency equivalent to the CIA. Much trained Hindutva youth work for social media and big businesses, and the government. The possibility of diverting sensitive material to Hindutva groups and companies in India and abroad always exists.

The RSS and its affiliates believe in the supremacy of its ideology. To achieve its goal, it does not hesitate to annihilate those opposed to its designs. The assassination of Gandhi and promoting his killer as a Hindu God is an example of its violence-filled ideology.

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