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Will TX-22 be the graveyard of Fascists and Hypocrites?

In the TX-22 Congressional District, the die-hard supporters of Sri Preston Kulkarni, mostly Muslims, tell his opponents not to introduce Indo-Pak subcontinent politics in the US elections support. They say that a vote for Troy Nyhl is a vote for Trump.

They are wrong on both counts. Muslims oppose Kulkarni on principles. A patriotic American voter cannot allow a foreign fascist group to interfere in the US elections through its proxies in the US. A vote for a Congressional candidate is separate from supporting a Presidential candidate.

The Hindu Fascist group, the RSS, involved in the assassination of Mahatama Gandhi, is a worldwide paramilitary organization promoting an ideology that believes in the destruction of minorities and Hindu Upper-Caste supremacy. The ideologues of this organization call it Hindutva, a cult, different from Hinduism, a religion.

The RSS has its branches in some 40 countries of the world. They organize paramilitary camps, promote hatred in Temples they control, interfere in local politics, and support Islamophobes' groups. In the US, hundreds of Temple are under the control of their affiliated organizations, including the Hindu Swayam Sewak Sangh, the Hindu Parishad, and the Hindu American American Foundation. They have hundreds non for profit groups to lobby against Muslims and Dalits and project Hindutva as Hinduism. Their real character emerges in their close door meeting and in their temples where they spread venom against Muslims, Dalits, and Christians.

In a recent meeting held at ISGH President Sohail Syed's residence, Kulkarni claimed that he was unaware of the RSS. What a lie! His father had links with the RSS, and his cousin is an RSS member. His uncle was an RSS volunteer and an office-bearer of its political wind BJP. He spent years in India and met with the BJP and RSS leaders there. Yet he dared to tell a Muslim leader that he was unaware of the RSS. Paradoxically, in other interviews, he had claimed that he has no ties with the RSS. A liar's pants are always on fire. Even if we imagine that he did not know much about the RSS, he is a lousy diplomat and a con artist who refuses to understand the reality. How did the State Department recruit a diplomat who stayed in India in his three years, did not attempt to learn about the organization behind Indian;s thousands of anti-Muslim riots and Gandhi's murder.

In many Houstonians' views, Sohail Syed made a blunder by organizing a private meeting to give Kulkarni a chance to entice Muslim leaders through backdoor after Emgage had refused to endorse him. If Syed was so concerned about Muslim voters, he might have arranged an open meeting in a mosque or any other place. Would anyone in his right mind invite a KKK leader for a private meeting with Christian leaders? Even Trump would not dare such a move. But he did. He did not consult the ISGH government affairs advisor, nominated by the Shura in its previous meeting. Attorney Zafar Tahir was only a phone call away and reputedly is the most seasoned political activist and MJ Khan and AJ Durrani. While AJ Durrani was in the meeting, none of the other two heard about it until it took place. Several Shura members wonder about the worth of their decisions if the President does not take note of them.

In the forum of 25 participants, some leaders asked tough questions. Kulkarni's response was hollow. Many others asked soft questions that appeared planted to allow the candidate to amplify his achievements. There were comments such as "how handsome you are, Mr. Kulkarni." Or, what will you be your first action after winning the election? While asking this question, they forgot that the election was not to choose a candidate on his physical feature but principles. They also forgot that after winning the Primary, Kulkarni first thanked the Hindutva bosses and financial backers before acknowledging the voters.

During the meeting, the host announced the Republican candidate's absence several times, implying that he does not care for Muslim voters. People wonder if it was indeed an impartial private event. There were Emgage leaders present, yet they did not clarify that the meeting was meaningless as their organization had already refused to endorse him.

If it was not an ISGH meeting, why did people go there, and if it was for Muslims' benefit, why was it secret? What did Muslims achieve out of this meeting? Was it another attempt to convince Muslim leaders to support Kulkarni? Only the organizers and the people behind the event know.

Those who are backing Kulkarni are mesmerized by his sweet words and charming slogan of coalition-building people of all faiths. They do not realize that no matter how white you are, you do not join the KKK and how strong German you are, you do not enter the Nazis if you believe in decency and justice. Kulkarni accepted the money from those Hindutva who have consistently shown their Islamophobic faces openly. He reportedly held secret meetings with them and assured of his loyalty to Hindutva. They financed Rashida Tlaib's challenger in the Primary.

The TX-22 is not a race between a Democrat and a Republican. It is a campaign between a foreign fascist ideology against a Sherrif who spent 30 years serving the country and working as a law enforcement official for all. The RSS is also present in the Republican party campaign through its proxies. It is secretly telling its Hindutva supporters to vote for Kulkarni to show solidarity with their comrade.

Trump is not part of the equation. Troy Nehls is a Republican candidate, and he did not ask Muslims to vote for Trump. Muslim voters in his district can refuse to vote for Trump while supporting him.

In a democracy, people have the freedom to exercise their franchise independently. If the Democratic leadership knew that Kulkarni has the support of the Hindutva equivalent of KKK, they would have refused to endorse him. Unfortunately, his Muslim backers know the RSS well and its danger to US security, yet they refuse to stand with the country and its interests. They are trying to prove they are more loyal to the RSS interests more than the RSS workers. When exposed, they bring religion to hide behind, saying that they cannot act against Muslims' interests, and their opponents should point fingers at them as it would be a sin. They are the one who are playing dirty tricks with their country and community, and a vote against Kulkarni would be an appropriate answer to their deception and arrogance.

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