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Without Demolishing the Apartheid Structure of Israel, Peace in the Middle East is Not Possible

In 1953, the Zionists chanting religious slogans killed scores of Palestinian children and women. They justified the massacre The terrorists hid among the civilian population. From the 1953 Qibya massacre to Operation Ghaza, the Israelis are the same, and the lies the same lies.

Four significant groups oppose the right of Palestinians to reclaim their land for reasons rooted in their interests.

Most Israelis believe God had gifted the Holy Land between the River Nile and the River Euphrates to Jews, and Palestinians have no right to inhabit the area.

Zionists oppose Palestinians because they believe in an ever-expanding Israel controlled by Jews exclusively.

Christian evangelicals denounce Palestinians because, in their theology, only when all Jews occupy the Holy Lands would Jesus reappear to lead the Armageddon to annihilate two-thirds of Jews.

Hindu nationalists oppose Palestinians because of their Islamic and Christian faiths.

Liberals attack Palestinians because they reject the rights of Jews to occupy a land illegally after facing persecution and holocaust by Christians in Europe and elsewhere.

The state of Israel is an apartheid state. Yet its supporters feel proud of taking its side even at the cost of their national interest. Since 1948, until 2023, total U.S. aid to Israel is around $260 billion. Additionally, the United States provides large-scale political support to Israel, having used its United Nations Security Council veto power 42 times against resolutions condemning Israel out of 83 times it used its veto.

The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee plays a significant role in influencing the US policy.

Founded in 1953 by Isaiah L. Kenen as the American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs as a lobbying division of the American Zionist Council (AZC), the Committee buys American lawmakers at all levels. Its founder, Kenen, a lobbyist for the AZC, had worked for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs at earlier times.

The immediate purpose of the lobbying group was to counter the international reaction to the October 1953 Qibya massacre, in which Israeli troops under Ariel Sharon killed at least sixty-nine Palestinian villagers, two-thirds of them women and children.

According to journalist Connie Bruck, AIPAC was incorporated in 1963 and headed by Kenen until he retired in 1974.

AIPAC has caucuses in every congressional district, with AIPAC staffers organizing every district's Jewish community, regardless of size. It helps them distribute campaign contributions to candidates in congressional districts where they would do some good for Israel. There are "dozens" of political action committees with no formal relation to AIPAC but whose leaders are often AIPAC members.

AIPAC relies on the support of Christian evangelicals who provide a lucrative business to the state of Israel through Holy Land sightseeing tours.

The four groups mentioned above have little regard for the Palestinian's human rights or the injustices done to them. They will never admit that the creation of Israel was wrong. They will always stand for Israel's so-called G-od-given right to brutalize the Palestinians. Peace in the Middle East is not possible as long as the apartheid structure of Israel exists.

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