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Zionism & Hindutva through Pegasus threaten Human Rights & Democracy

With the evidence exposing the secret Pegasus spy software deal between Israel and India, already known to the intelligence community, humanity faces a real threat to already shaky peace, human rights, and democracy. Every citizen is vulnerable and under the surveillance of those who control or would control power. Using Pegasus software, corporations, government, special interest groups, drug dealers, and organized crime mafia can easily spy on anyone who has a cell phone. Nothing is safe from those who have access to it.

Let us not get involved in the false debate that Israel's government does not own the Pegasus selling rights because a private company owns it. Or only governments can buy it.

Before the evidence came into the limelight, both the Indian and Israeli governments denied having any deal on Pegasus. Both lied to the world and, above all, their people. India's Hindutva government used Pegasus to monitor everyone whose phone they could hack, including opposition leaders, foreign businesses, rulers, and social and religious leaders. Israel, in return, sold its deadly weapons worth over two billion dollars to India and got access to all the secretly collected data.

Israel also sold Pegasus to the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Finland, Hungary, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Seven have Muslim majorities of the 17 countries owning the world's most powerful spying software.

The spy software enables Israel to access intelligence collected by countries and groups using it. Israel claims that only governments can buy the software. But the Zionist entity is an expert in misinformation and spreading lies. So it can cross any limits to serve its interests.

The emerging alliance between the world's two most dangerous ideologies is a matter of concern for all. India's current rulers promote the Hindutva ideology that believes in the supremacy of upper-castes. On the other hand, Israel is under the control of Zionism believes in the divine origin of Israel, based on the Biblical assertion that God gave the ownership of the land to his chosen people.

Jewish religious belief defined the land where Jewish religious law prevailed and excluded territory where it did not apply. According to the Book of Genesis, God first promised the land to Abram's descendants. The followers of replacement theology (or supersessionism) do not accept the Old Testament prophecies. But a view often repudiated by Christian Zionists and Evangelical Zionists, claim that Israel has title to the land by divine right.

The Hindutva ideology believes God bestowed India to upper castes with no rights to others, whose only obligation is to serve the master race. Accordingly, Hindutva ideologues are intolerant of Christians, lower castes and Dalits, Adivasis (tribals), and women. In the disputed region of Kashmir, Hindutva ideology entails advancing a settler-colonial project that aims to transform the demographics of the Muslim-majority region.

Hindutva ideology rejects diversity as a social value, instead of seeking an extreme form of homogeny. VD Savarkar, the godfather of Hindutva ideology, taught that Indians who identified as members of other religions were, rightly, Hindu, thereby seeking to deny individuals and social groups of agency and identity.

These two ideologies are reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi Germany, which brought genocide and holocaust to millions of its non-Aryan citizens. Moreover, both Zionism and Hindutva aim to eliminate Palestinians and non-upper castes. Therefore, their access to Pegasus and deadly weapons pose a threat to world security. Ironically, the rulers of seven countries with Muslim majority also own Pegasus and massive weaponry bought from Israel and Israel. The self-serving power elites of these countries do not realize that they are destroying their sovereignty and independence and promoting hateful ideologies.

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1 Comment

Feb 03, 2022

If the Israeli spyware is weapon grade cyber war software and has caused great harm to human rights, humanity, freedom and democracy across the globe; it must be condemned and banned by the UN Security Council without any delay. It is shameful for Israel to make money on such fraud, cheating making lives of several innocent citizens in danger. Also, such victims should be allowed to go to the International Court to sue and demand damages for their losses and sufferings.

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