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Does Hindu American Foundation Promote Casteism?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The Hindu American Foundation recently released a video in cooperation with a known Islamophobe, Daniel Pipes. Samir Kalra, the managing director of HAF, made some startling revelations that are neither known to the FBI nor Muslims, the target of his video attack. He declared all major Muslim American organizations, such as CAIR, Islamic Society of North America, and Islamic. Circle of North America as front organizations of Jamat Islami,

He blamed Jamat Islamic Bangladesh mainly behind the rise of Muslim work in the US and called all major Muslim groups promoters of hatred against Jews and Hindus. You do not expect any decency or accuracy from Islamophobes. They exist to malign Islam and Muslims. They get paid for concocting lies and spreading falsehood.

The Muslim organization's attack in the Indian sub-continent came after the Zionists failed to establish a dialogue with them during the last five years. With the help of the state department, the Zionist groups in the US wanted to win the support of Jamaat Islami for Israel. The Jamat contact person had refused to participate in any such dialogue. Now the Zionist groups are using HAF to attack the Jammat and misleading the American public of its role in creating Muslim organizations in the country.

The HAF is an RSS-sponsored group and stands in support of those who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. Its board members include Arjun Bhagat, Rishi Bhatuda, Mihir Meghani, Rajiv Pundit, and Swaminathan Venkataraman. Most of these hail from Hindu upper castes, known for their hatred towards Dalits, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, and even Jains because of their renunciation of Brahaman superiority. The HAF realizes that Casteism is an obstacle for Hindus to project them as believers inequality and justice. It was a report primarily aimed at the American audience.

The report spread the false propaganda that Muslims, and Christian missionaries and academic fellow-travelers have spread about Hinduism in the past.

It highlighted events involving Muslims and Christians committing persecution of the Hindus and desecrating their upper-caste temples.

It tried to justify casteism as part of social stratification and not the theological foundation of the Hindu society.

Its views on the history of India are not different than self-claimed historians like P. N. Oak who claimed that the Kaaba and Vatican were once upper-caste temples.

The Foundation was critical of the USCIRF that recommended to the US Administration to list India as a Country of Particular Concern opening the door to sanction. The HAF represents the Hindutva fascists' in the US.

It plans to promote the Hindutva idea of caste supremacy and marginalization of non-Hindu groups in India and worldwide. It believes in the Codes of Manu or Manusmirti, and given an opportunity, it would want these codes to be introduced and implemented in the US.

Here are some of those codes:

1. The divine created Brahmana, the Kshatriya, the Vaisya, and the Sudra from his mouth, arm, thighs, and feet. He did so to bring prosperity to the world. (I/31)

2. One occupation only the lord prescribed to the Sudras, to serve meekly even these (other) three castes. (I/91)

3. Once-born man (a Sudra), who insults a twice-born man with gross invective, shall have his tongue cut out; for he is of low origin. (VIII/270)

4. If he mentions the names and castes (jati) of the (twice-born) with contumely, an iron nail, ten fingers long, shall be thrust red-hot into his mouth. (VIII/271)

5- If he arrogantly teaches Brahmanas their duty, the king shall pour hot oil into his mouth and ears. (VIII/272)

6. He raises his hand or a stick and shall have his hand cut off; he who in anger kicks with his foot shall have his foot cut off. (VIII/280)

8. A low-caste man who tries to place himself on the same seat with a man of a high caste shall be branded on his hip and be banished, or (the king) shall cause his buttock to be gashed. (VIII/281)

As per the Manu Code, Sudras will receive the most stringent punishments for even petty violations/actions,

"Let him never slay a Brahmana, though he has committed all (possible) crimes; let him banish such an (offender), leaving all his property (to him) and (his body) unhurt."

Selection of Laws of Manu concerning women

1. Day and night woman must be kept in dependence by the males (of) their (families), and, if they attach themselves to sensual enjoyments, they must be under one's control. (IX/2)

2. Her father protects (her) in childhood, her husband watches (her) in youth, and her sons protect (her) in old age; a woman is not fit for Independence. (IX/3)

3. Women do not care for beauty, nor is their attention fixed on age; (thinking), '(It is enough that) he is a man,' they give themselves to the handsome and the ugly. (IX/14)

4. Through their passion for men, through their mutable temper, through their natural heartlessness, they become disloyal towards their husbands, however carefully you control them in this (world). (IX/15)

5. (When creating them) Manu allotted to women (a love of their) bed, (of their) seat and (of) ornament, impure desires, wrath, dishonesty, malice, and wrong conduct. (IX/17)

The reproduced parts of the Manu Code above need no further elaboration and commentary. They are too glaringly hateful, fascist, and degenerated against Untouchables referred to as Sudras by Manu. Perhaps this was why the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, who contributed immensely to the growth of totalitarian ideas in Europe in the 20th century, fell in love with this work.

However, to hide their real agenda, HAF is lobbying to remove casteism from school textbooks in California.

HAF promotes anti-Islam and Muslim falsehood in US congress and public life, and it views Muslim organizations as a threat to its plan. The RSS is the world's largest militant organization, with its branches in 49 countries. TIts followers occupy official positions in the Hindu Sawayam Samiti, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and the HAF. In the Temples controlled by these groups, casteism and hatred against non-upper caste Hindus determine the upward mobility of individuals. The HAF has developed ties with Indian's intelligence wing RAW and Israel's Mossad. It aims to project Muslims as anti-American faith.

With the help of Zionist Raabis and interfaith leaders, it wants to expel Muslim groups from plural forums. Its presence in the US and its hidden goals violate the US constitution.

Muslims and their organizations must expose such groups.

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