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Hindutva up in arms against Islam and Christianity Worldwide

Hindutva is no longer a hate ideology against Islam and Christianity confined to India. Instead, it has become a global movement for racist supremacy of Hindu upper castes. What happened in Leicester, UK, Edison, NJ, Sydney, Australia, Dubai, UAE, and Auckland, New Zealand, is alarming.

In the UK, Hindutva mobs attacked Muslim places of worship. The New Jersey Hindutva groups threatened Muslims by exhibiting bulldozers as a sign of Hindu might. In Sydney, regular attacks on Muslims and Sikhs have become a norm. In the UAE, the attack on Islam on social media is an undeniable reality, and in New Zealand and North America, hate-filled sermons against Muslims in Temples are now regular.

The chronology of events is precise. Hindutva leaders from India and elsewhere preach hatred against Islam and Christians in temples or public forums they present as interfaith forums, inciting the congregation to spread the message to their circles. Many use violence to demonstrate hatred, as evident in the UK, Australia, and North America.

These events provide ample evidence of a well-organized Hindutva movement with the full intent to attack non-Hindu religions, mainly Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism. The main allies of Hindutva groups are neo-Nazis and Zionists. The neo-Nazis identify with Hindu upper castes for their Aryan heritage, and the Zionists consider Christianity and Islam an existential threat to the state of Israel.

The Hindutva groups worldwide have an ideological affiliation with the Rashtriya Swayam Sangh, The Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Hindu Maha Sabha, the Bajrang Dal, or parties that celebrate the assassination of the peaceful architect of India's freedom in 1948, Gandhi. They have infiltrated interfaith councils and political parties to use their presence to promote anti-non-Hindu agenda.

They have financial resources and substantial clout in the IT, real estate, and medical sectors. So far, the military, the police, and militias are free from their influence, but their ties with white supremacists and neo-Nazis give them an advantage over other groups.

The masterminds of anti-Islam, anti-Christian or anti-non-Hindu groups are in Nagpur and Tel Aviv. They believe that Muslims and Christians are untrustworthy and that confrontation is inevitable. They also think that the combined technological strength of Israelis and Hindutva supporters and India's massive consumer and labor market can create conditions for a Zionist-Hindutva axis in the world. During the last decades, several high-level meetings have taken place among the movers and shakers of the two groups.

The Arab world rulers, to gain material superiority, are ready to compromise with the emerging alliance of Hindutva and Zionists to ensure their continued power, even if that means relegating their cultural and religious identity to nothing.

The situation is deteriorating by days. The evil axis of Zionism and Hindutva needs to be challenged by people of all faiths and ethnicities, especially those who identify with Hinduism and Judaism.

Based on caste hierarchy, Hindutva is an antithesis of pluralism and democracy, and Zionism, based on the exclusivity of Israelis, challenges the fundamental norms of justice and peace.

Interfaith communities must stand against the emerging axis of evil to save their communities from the threats of violence and hatred. Likewise, religious communities should stand up against the bigotry and racism the two groups have jointly launched against peaceful societies. Silence at this moment would be suicidal. Had the world confronted Hitler in its early stages, millions of people might not have perished.

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