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Islamophobic US Congress members

A white racist congresswoman representing Christianity and The Republican Party, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert ®, called representative Ilhan Omar a terrorist "black-hearted" and "evil." The Christian party leadership is silent, giving rise to apprehension that anti-Islam and Muslim rhetoric are part of an electoral strategy to mobilize evangelical right-wing followers of Jesus for 2022 midterm polls.

Muslims should hold the Republicans responsible for Islamophobia systematically promoted by right-wing Christians occupying significant Congress and state legislatures positions.

The interfaith community should speak up. Additionally, Muslim electoral groups should identify Islamophobic representatives in Congress and other bodies to mobilize public support against them.

Threats to Ilhan Omar are serious, as they are against a whole religion and a community. Muslims in the last election supported several Republican candidates for Congress. Some 35 percent of Muslim voters for Trump, a known crusader against Ilhan and an Islamophobic.

Muslim members of the Republican Party should raise Islamophobia in their inner circles and demand condemnation of anyone who indulges in hate politics.

Republicans are not alone in anti-Islam rhetoric. Liberals and Democrats also do not lag. Of course, the hate mongers have no place in our legislative bodies. But the task of exposing anti-Muslim forces in the US is upon Muslims. There is plenty of time before the next midterm. The anti-Islamophobic campaign with allies from interfaith groups should begin now.

The Press conference that three Muslim members of Congress addressed on November 30, 2021, explains the threats the Muslim community faces in the country. It should move fast to challenge groups putting their lives at risk. Watch the press conference at the following link:

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