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Modi-Shah Axis of Evil has hurt Human Rights

Gujarati terrorists known as ATS drove to Mumbai at the order of India's Hindutva home minister, Amit Shah, to arrest Teesta Setalvade.

With defeat visible, Donald Trump tried to convince the department of justice to declare the 2020 Presidential election voting in certain states fraudulent and invalid. The attorney general, a Trump nominee, refused.

But India is not like the US. Prime Minister Modi wanted a clean chit for his murderous role in the 2002 massacres of Muslims in Gujarat. So after manipulating the law enforcement, intelligence, the bureaucracy, and Judiciary, he finally got what he wanted. But unfortunately, he also succeeded in getting arrested his opponents, who exposed his role in the Gujarat carnage that killed over 2,000 people.

Soon, you will hear historians and journalists claim that the 2022 Gujarat carnage never took place and that activists like Teesta Setalvade, Ravi Kumar, Sanjay Bhutt, and Zakia Jafri invented it. You may also hear that Muslims committed collective suicide despite pleas from Modi to have faith in his leadership.

Modi has created a team of sycophants in all echelons of power to toe his line of thinking. In the Babri Masjid case, the Supreme Court allocated the 500-old Muslim place of worship to an imaginary mythical Hindu deity. Similarly, in the case of the Gujarat carnage that Modi presided and supervised in 2002, a handpicked Supreme court panel of justice gave him a clean chit.

The court decision reportedly came at the instance of India's home minister, an accomplice in the crime of the butcher of Gujarat. Amit Shah ensured that those who pursued the cause of justice to expose Modi and his gang of murderers suffered the consequences. He used the RSS-controlled Gujarat government to arrest Setalvade, the most vocal voice against the Gujarat killer.

The Gujarat carnage is not a secret. Those who murdered innocent people are on record admitting their role in the violence. Moreover, their testimony available in public implicate Modi and Shah in the destruction of human life and property. Still, Modi manipulated the intelligence and Judiciary to claim his innocence.

India's judiciary and law enforcement agencies do not have the guts to stand for the truth and justice. Instead, they can sell their consciousness for a lucrative position or a few million dollars. With money from smugglers, black wealth holders, the Gujarati Hindutva mafia spread worldwide, and tax-evading industrialists, the ruling BJP under Modi and Shah can buy anyone and everyone in India.

Those who refuse to sell their voices suffer and languish in prisons. With the arrest of Setalvade, the writings on the wall are clear. The Modi-Shah evil axis will not tolerate any opposition to their rule.

The Gujarati Hindutva lobby in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia has been working tirelessly to provide legitimacy to all the violence that the Modi-Shah axis of evil has been committing in India under the clock of Hinduism. It is time that the FBI take notice of their growing influence and the state department to realize that the Modi-Shah rule would hurt the US interest in the long run.

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