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Movements For Justice for Palestinians Panic the Zionist Mafia

Never before in the history of our world did so many individuals and people representing all ethnicities and religions come out in the streets as they did in support of the Palestinian cause in October and November 2023. Except in countries ruled by despots, millions marched chanting slogans: Long live Palestine and occupation no more. The throne of Zionists shook, and the merchants of death trembled in the high-rise offices of their weapon industry of mass destruction.

These rallies have taken the world power elites by surprise. Nervous at their futuristic influence, the power controllers have started labeling the Pro-Palestinians as terrorists, anti-Semitic, lawless, and anti-Westerners. The leading voices against the justice movement include Israeli Zionists and their agents in the West, Christian evangelists, Hindu nationalists, white racist supremacists, pro-Israeli academics, and multinational corporation-paid journalists and experts.

They have already issued threats to the opponents of the war in Gaza of dire consequences if they continue to be Palestinian sympathizers. Through intimidation and bribery, they have bought local and congressional representatives to beat the drums of war and support the funding of the apartheid structure.

The congressional staff members admit that anti-Israeli phone calls and emails outnumber pro-Israeli ice by 1 to 30, yet the representatives continue funding the Zionist entity against the public will. They do so because they are either religiously motivated to support Israel or bought over by the Zionist lobbies.

In the academic world, pro-Israeli teachers are forcing students to read books against Palestine and Islam. A UCLA professor issued one such list that includes books unrelated to the Israeli aggression. They are pure propaganda against Islam.

In the media, Israeli influencers are providing talking points to journalists and broadcasters to project the rallies as anti-Semitic. Israeli agents are in contact with senior journalists and offering false reports on the Palestinian issue.

The Christian evangelical church leaders are talking about the end-time scenario, urging their congregants to support Israel as dictated by the Bible. They argue that God would curse those who curse Israel. Their hypocrisy is evident in their rejection of Judaism while supporting the apartheid Israeli structure.

Hindu nationalists, through their open support of Israel, spit venom against Palestinians. They are courting white supremacists as their natural allies against Islam. They feel that by aligning with Israel, they would eliminate Muslim influence. Millions of them are working in the Gulf, ready to work as Israeli agents.

However, a broader coalition of religious and ethnic communities is building all over the world, seeking justice and human dignity for Palestinians. People are awakening to the truth and debunking the lies fed by the power elites and their agents. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and atheists who care for justice are rising up and challenging the status quo.

The movement for justice for Palestinians is in a crucial stage, and the determination of the people to continue their quest for the humanity of a people living under occupation for almost 100 years gives hope for the emergence of a new world where the oppressors have to retreat. Israel has killed over 10,000 Palestinians in its latest ritual of genocide, without realizing that there are over 7 billion more who would never relinquish their path for Justice.

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