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RSS Infiltration in US politics is a National Security Concern

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not wrong when in 2019, in the Howdy Modi rally in Houston, in front of99 percent Hindu crowd, he shouted from the top of his lungs, "Abki bar, Trump Sarkar." He knew that Trump and his white supremacist Republicans were ignorant of Hindi. His message was for Hindus. It was loud and clear, If you are a Hindu and believe in the politics of upper-caste-led Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh, support Trump.

Why was a Hindu nationalist support a white supremacist? Especially when his political advisor on US affairs happened to be Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii, who spent 14 days in India as Modi's guest and whose wedding was attended by the then general secretary of the Hindu fascist organization, RSS?

There are six main reasons for the Hindu fascists to be on the side of Republicans or Trump.

  1. White supremacists find them closer to Hindu Upper-Castes, claiming to be the purest of the pure Aryan race.

  2. Trump was the obvious front runner in 2019 with a higher possibility of winning the 2020 election.

  3. Trump's Muslim ban was a source of inspiration to Hindutva fascists whose hatred against Islam and Muslims is not a secret.

  4. Israel, a close US ally, was involved in training India's intelligence and the army to contain freedom movements in different parts of the country. A compact axis between Neytanyaho of Israel, Trump of the USA, and Modi of India was in three nationalist governments' interest.

  5. The multinational corporations with the backing of the Republicans were more likely to overlook human rights violations to promote their business interests in India.

  6. IT and medical professionals' presence in crucial US sectors gave the Hindutva fascists confidence to impact the US domestic and foreign policies to the RSS advantage.

Trump's defeat changed all the calculations the fascists had. They had a B plan through their implants in the Democratic party. They have their man in the US Congress through the voice of an Illinois Congressman. They were hoping to have a few more Democratic representatives from Arizona and Texas who lost the elections. They also had contacts with the Biden campaign through Democrats influential in the Obama administration. Some of those were the Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers or the RSS through its surrogates HSS in the US.

They had expected the Biden administration to appoint them at crucial positions. How many of them have got in, no one knows. One way to learn the appointees' affiliation is to find out if they attended the Howdy Modi event and did they shout, Abki bar, Trump Sarkar,"

The Hindu fascists want to impact the US foreign policy to its advantage and collect sensitive information to promote global domination. The Hindutva fascists in the US want to neutralize the US Administration on the Indian government's anti-minorities policies.

Even if the Hindutva fascists fail to get critical appointments, they will try to achieve their goals by lobbying and investing financially in the 2022 congressional elections.

However, the fascists would feel comfortable in the camp of fellow fascists in the White supremacist camp. A meeting between the white supremacist leader, Steve Bannon, and the Indian Ambassador testifies Hindutva and white nationalists' growing relations. The meeting was a loud message to Hindutva and its organizations to embrace white nationalists wholeheartedly and work on its agenda. No doubt that you would find Hindutvas joining the Republicans in 2020 in large numbers. Their presence in the Democratic party might damage the progressive movement from inside because their plan is not to serve the US interests but the interests of an upper-caste that believes in Arayan supremacy.

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