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Yasin Malik, a Genuine Voice for the dignity and independence of Kashmir

In this picture, you can see India's former Prime Minister meeting with Yasin Malik for his commitment to nonviolence.

The Hindu nationalist government of India has decided to seek the death penalty against Yasin Malik, a Kashmiri freedom fighter. Yasin pleaded guilty to organizing and mobilizing Kashmiris for their right to self-determination. He did not seek mercy from the court and declared his readiness to face even curt sanctioned death. However, he did not regret his decision to stand for Kashmiri's right to seek implementation of the United Nations resolutions on the region's autonomy.

Kashmir is an occupied territory. Part of it is under the control of Pakistan under the name of Azad Kashmir, and India controls the bulk of it, known as Jammu and Kashmir and Laddakh. Both India and Pakistan are signatories to the UN resolution granting the people the right to self-determination and choose to join either India or Pakistan.

Yasin Malik believed in the independence of Kashmir,

from both India and Pakistan. With its own identity, language, history, and resources, Kashmir has everything that a free country should have, he always argued. Instead, India used the corrupt Kashmiri politicians to continue its control, and Pakistan played the religious card to continue its influence. None cared about the people who craved dignity and autonomy.

Yasin accepted the UN resolutions that respected the rights of occupied territories anywhere to resist with all means, including taking up arms against the occupiers. But he renounced violence when he turned 18 in 1994 and opted for peaceful resistance in the Valley.

Straight forward and honest, he was in his convictions. He rejected India's constitution and did not accept his country's accession with India against the people's will. However, he never minced his words and called a spade a spade. India, to him, was a brutal imperialistic entity, and Pakistan a dishonest broker.

His admission to the court passionately shows his commitment to his country's freedom and speaks of his bravery. Knowing that his stand would bring him death, he stood like a mountain against the bulldozing state machinery of India's judicial and political system.

A British court once asked Gandhi to plead guilty to the laws he violated and acknowledge his crime. His response was exemplary. "I violated laws because they were wrong, and I would continue to disregard them as long as they exist. No different was Yasin Malik when he told the court, "I do not recognize the sovereignty of India over Kashmir, and I have a right to seek freedom from the occupiers."

He refused to appeal for mercy when asked about the nature of the sentence he should get.

Malik's behavior represents the genuine revolutionary zeal and dedication to the cause he believes in. Leaders like him are the authentic voices of their people and their aspirations, and his trial exposes the injustice of India's justice system and its imperialistic designs.

Malik stood for what every self-respecting individual aspires for. Freedom from all occupation.

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1 Comment

Mohammad Yacoob
Mohammad Yacoob
May 29, 2022

The Hindu Nationalist Government of India is blind (UNDHE) to the fact that Yasin Malik stands for self-determination, dignity and autonomy for people of Kashmir. Yasin Malik slogan.

This is my country, MY KASHMIR.

The corrupt, dishonest and shameless (BESHARAM) politicians of Hindu Nationalist Government of India want to control Kashmir.

To what the rulers of Delhi can’t see and say Bande Mataram including Kashmir.

Yasin Malik says:







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